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October 23, 2014

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Criminal Searches

Failing to perform a criminal background check can set companies up for BIG trouble. Negligent hiring claims and an unsafe workplace are a couple of the biggest issues that can result in hiring someone with a dangerous criminal record.

However, all criminal records searches are not created equal. Here are 3 things you probably didn’t know about criminal searches:

#1: Your researcher could be overseas. If the person who is researching your applicant is overseas, can you REALLY feel confident in the report?

#2: The returns are only as good as the technology. A thorough criminal records search requires a mix of experienced, human researchers, and advanced technical research systems. Make certain your background screening company utilizes both, otherwise, your search is one-dimensional.

#3: Your report may not be ‘adjudicated’.  This is a fancy way of saying a criminal record was found from a second source (usually a database) and then the actual source of the information (the court) was checked as well.  Many background screening companies use databases alone and allow  that information go back to the customer.  That means the company could possibly make a hiring decision on incorrect information and that could cause serious legal issues..  


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Only do business with a background screening company that adjudicates their records!

Performing a criminal records search is not enough! Make certain your background screening company is thorough, their staff experienced, and the final results are run through a quality control check. Only then can you be confident that your background screening process has minimized the risk to your employees’ and customers’ safety, and the security of your workplace.

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