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June 17, 2015

Background Screen Like A Ninja: Four Critical Points to Ponder

The turtle may win the race, but the ninja employer stays in business!

 ninja_business_personToday, company's face more challenges that ever before. Increased competition, greater regulation, and pricier raw materials all play major roles in a business's success or failure. 

Effective hiring practices also weigh heavily on a company's bottom line. Good hiring decisions result in great employees who build the company up, but bad employees, well, can tank it before your very eyes. It's essential for hiring managers to invest strategic thought into how they find and bring on top notch employees. 

Here are four points to ponder if you want to run a background check like a ninja. 

#1: Screen specifically for each position. Blanket policies and broad processes are not only ineffective, they can get you sued. Avoid EEOC claims by thoughtfully outlining the background screening process for each level of position in your company. For example, you probably don't need a credit report pulled on machinery operators, but you would definitely need a drug screening product! Ensure the screening process is relavant to the position, and fair and not-discriminatory. 

#2: Don't stop short of comprehensive screening. A simple database search is a far cry from a complete search, and leaves your company open to hiring mistakes and increases chances of getting sued. If applicable, employ an in-depth county criminal search in the areas the applicant lived, worked, and studied over the last 7 years. Also conduct proper education and employment verifications before finalizing the hiring decision. 

#3: Choose a reputable third party background screening company. A current employee calling references on your company's behalf may sound like a money saving idea. Unfortunately, the person doing the calling won't exhibit the honed ninja skills of a professional background screener that performs the task every single day. Find a professional background screening company to conduct your pre-employment background checks. You may pay a little more up front, but the ROI in time saved and information returned will save money in the long run.

#4: Use your ninja-like skill during the adverse action process. Ninjas are precise, and you must be as well. If you choose to not hire an applicant based in whole or part on their background check, you must follow up with a pre-adverse action letter. After a period of time (usually 5 business days) send a final adverse action letter. NOTE: employers do not have to hold the job open while this process is completed. 

Utilizing these tips can help employers background screen like a ninja. Make sure you are using a professional background screening company to assist in decreasing risk and increasing the ability to make good hiring decisions!


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