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June 4, 2014

Best Practices For Preparing for 2014 HR Regulations

best_practice_for_preparing_for_2014_HR_regulations2014 has brought a great deal of changes to the Human Resource arena in the form of regulations. From proposed minimum wage changes, to mandatory leave time, to EEOC guidance, to the Affordable Care Act, there are many changes HR professionals are facing this year. These pose big challenges in reviewing these regulations and revising policies in order to maintain compliance. 

In the next 3 blogs, we will discuss how to be prepared as a Strategic HR Executive to tackle the complex regulation changes to ensure your policies are ready for the new environment.

We will be discussing Reviewing, Preparing, and Revising of the policies, and your role as an HR Strategist. 

Step #1: Before changes can be made to any current policy, several items must be REVIEWED.


-all new proposed regulations. HR professionals need to familiarize themselves with all new proposed regulations and determine which of them apply to your industry directly, and to your organization specifically. 

- your organization's business strategic business plan, and decide which of these regulations will impact your plan. 

- the company handbook and employee policy, and determine the changes and additions that will need to be made to comply with the new regulations.

- the legal implications that the new regulations will create.

-which regulations will affect the bottom line. Partner with your finance department to determine which new HR legislation will impact your bottom line. 

Reviewing with these objectives in mind is the first step to set you on the right path to be able to create new best practices for preparing for 2014 HR regulations, and to do so proactively and in a compliant manner. 

Be sure to check out the second installment in this series, how to PREPARE for the policy changes, and the final installment, how to REVISE the policies to fit in the new environment. 

Information in this blog was taken from a presentation by Cynthia Thompson, MBA, SPHR. Her website and HR Professionals Magazine can be viewed here

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