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October 23, 2014

Don't Get Stuck With A Bad Hire! Verify Your Applicants!


Employers who do not perform a thorough background check on potential employees are opening themselves to increased risks of choosing a bad hire, hiring lawsuits, and embarrassing public gaffs.

Explore your applicants’ histories with these verification services:


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Verify education. One of the most embarrassing media frenzies a company can fall victim to is finding out a member of their top level management faked their degree. 

Degree fraud is rampant, and nobody is immune to the temptation. Applicants may list a degree when they only attended classes at a university or college, or may not have ever gone there one single day!

Use a trusted third party to check into any claims of degrees, verify dates, classes, and any graduation honors. In addition, have a policy in place to deal with degree fraud if you happen to uncover it. 


1 in 3 resumes are estimated to contain some sort of fraudulent dates of employment.

Job seekers may:

  • stretch employment dates: Applicants will stretch employment dates so that it looks like they began at the position earlier, or worked longer than is true. Some people do this to cover job gaps (or something more sinister like jail time), to claiming they were ‘self employed’ for a certain timeframe.
  • create dates. Some applicants will completely fabricate jobs to cover gaps in employment.

Protect your company from a bad hire by utilizing a third party background screening company to thoroughly and accurately verify your applicants on all claims of employment and education. 

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