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November 12, 2014

Background Screening: The HOW Is Just As Important As The WHAT


The HOW is just as important as the WHAT!

In background screening, it is not simply enough to order a background check, review it, and reach a decision. An HR professional who values compliance needs to understand the process of researching and gathering the information is as important as the end product.

Here are some points that a professional  background screening company should have implemented into their process in relation to their information gathering process:




A professional background screening company should employ multi faceted research to determine the identity of the applicant matches the identity of the returned record! Quality assurance standards should yield 0% errors!


When utilizing background screening to minimize the risk of a bad hire, a savvy HR professional should keep in mind the information returned to you needs to be THOROUGH and ACCURATE in order for your company to maintain compliance standards. 

The HOW really is as important as the WHAT.

Another infographic: Cost of A BAD HIRE

The Cost of a Bad Hire


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