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June 9, 2015

Healthcare License Verification and Monitoring Made Easy!


Are you in compliance with your state's healthcare regulations?

Healthcare hiring made easy.jpgHiring for healthcare requires a complete background check, but it doesn't end when the person is hired. The importance of healthcare license verification and monitoring is a key factor in meeting current compliance requirements and creating an effective healthcare hiring policy. In order for health care organizations to better protect themselves and prevent the employment of unlicensed or sanctioned individuals, continual license and certification verification and monitoring is crucial. Functions that were once carried out manually often resulted in human error.  Failing to properly verify or monitor licenses and certifications will lead to organizational errors, non-compliance, penalties, and staff shortages.

By following certain credential-check and monitoring best practices, a health care organization can be better equipped to remain in compliance with current state and federal regualtions. But these practices take so much time and human error still puts you at risk.  So, how can we make this juggernaut easier to handle? 

Build a consistent plan: A successful healthcare license verification and monitoring program starts with a written plan that outlines what types of monitoring will be utilized, and how often. A professional background screening company can assist you in developing a best practice formulation. 

Partner with a trusted third party Vendor:  When an organization delegates the tasks of credentialing and license monitoring to a professional background screening company with an established process, it minimizes the risks of non-compliance and subsequent fines. 

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 The employee background screening and license monitoring that follows the hiring process is a huge undertaking for a facility to take on manually, making it difficult for a healthcare organization to maintain. A third party vendor, like Data Facts, Inc.  that specializes in credentialing and license monitoring can help streamline these processes and facilitate a consistent, compliant program.

The legal landscape regarding health care providers and their employee background screening programs is ever-evolving, so it’s important that healthcare organizations partner with a trusted, professional background screening company as their one source for initial background screening as well as continual license monitoring.

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