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August 20, 2015

Run Employers RUN! 3 Questions Background Screeners Must Answer RIGHT

right_wrongA background check is not automatically thorough and accurate, and the third party screening company you choose plays an integral role. Choosing a professional vendor for your background check reports is a key aspect of executing a safe hiring process that brings you the most qualified new employees.

Here are three important questions to ask your potential background screening vendor. If they answer them incorrectly RUN, RUN away.

puzzle_question#1: How long does it take to return your background check reports?

Wrong answer: We return instantly.

Reason: Accessing an applicant's history only benefits the hiring process if it is received in a timely manner. Otherwise, the background screening process can hold up the entire hiring decision. While you want your report back as quickly as possible, your main goal is to receive a thorough and accurate report. A third party screening company that promises all the information will be returned instantly is either not telling the truth, or is cutting corners in the information gathering process.

#2: What happens if your company reaches a glitch in returning the background report?

Wrong answer: This never happens.

Reason: Nothing runs 100% smooth, and there will be times when background screeners run into people who won’t call them back, or issues connecting with the requested information. Make sure your employment screening company is a partner that will take your calls, answer your questions, and promptly troubleshoot any issues with your background screening process.

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#3: Should we conduct a county criminal search?

Wrong answer: No, our national database criminal records search covers all counties.

Reason:  Contrary to popular belief, the widely utilized National Database Criminal Records Search is not a complete database, as some county and states do not report to a database.
For a complete picture, employers need to conduct multiple types of criminal searches. While a database search helps identify certain crimes the applicant has committed, it needs to be paired with other searches. Strike background screeners that fail to explain this from your list immediately. This omission can result in costly errors such as hiring someone with a dangerous criminal history.

Commit to finding and working with a professional third party background screening company that answers all these questions in a helpful, informative manner. Otherwise, you will be opening your company up to unqualified or dangerous hires, reputation damage, and negligent hiring lawsuits.

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