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May 6, 2014

3 Easy Ways to Reduce Background Screening Turnaround Times

123_background_screening_tipsEmployers who utilize background screening during the hiring process know that a fast turnaround time is integral to progressing in filling the position. Delays can cause positions to be open for longer than expected, which can decrease productivity in the workplace. 

Now, while there are some areas in screening an applicant's background of which employers have no control (such as employer or education institute response time, criminal researcher turnaround time, etc) we have compiled 3 tips that WILL help you in decreasing your turnaround time on background checks. 

#1: Attach release forms. When ordering a background screening product, it is important to remember to attach the applicant's release form to the order. Failing to do so can delay the process by several days, because many employers will not release information to a third party without a release form. 

Since it is required for release forms to be signed in order to perform a background check, following the best practice of attaching a form with every order is a simple way to decrease the turnaround time. 

#2: Provide full name. Be sure to enter the applicant's full name in the ordering system. This includes first, middle, and last, along with any junior, senior, the third designations. Include any maiden names or other aliases. 

When full names are accessible, people of the same name can be 'weeded out' easier, which allows accurate results to be returned faster.

#3: Get specific. The more specifics that are included in the background screening order, the faster the information can be verified. In the case of education verification, an order should include the full name of the educational institute, its location, and the dates of attendance. When ordering employment verification, include the business name, address, and phone number, along with the full name of the supervisor and the dates employed. 

The more specific the order, the less time the reseachers will need to track down and verifiy the information.

Implementing these best practices in your background screening process will go a long way toward preventing long turnaround times-while still providing a complete, accurate look at the candidate's background- so you can move forward with your hiring process and get that position filled! 

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