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November 13, 2012

Daphne Large, President & CEO of Data Facts, Inc. Named 2013 NCRA President

The National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA) has recently appointed President & CEO of Data Facts, Daphne Large, as the 2013 NCRA President, and named Julie Wink, Data Facts Executive Vice President, as the Co-Chair of the Education and Compliance Committee.

Data Facts has worked closely with the NCRA for many years and the NCRA is delighted to have both Large and Wink in such influential positions in 2013. NCRA Executive Director Terry Clemans recently had this to say about Large’s impending Presidency:

“Daphne has been a one of the best leaders to serve on NCRA’s board since I became Executive Director in 2001. She became a director in 2007, has been an excellent Treasurer for the past 4 years and also served as Vice President this year. I greatly look forward to starting this new chapter in NCRA history, renamed the National Consumer Reporting Association to reflect the wider scope of NCRA’s membership, with her at the helm.”

And when recently asked about her new position at the NCRA, Large responded:

“It’s an exciting time at the National Consumer Reporting Association as we celebrate our 20th year and reflect on how the industries we serve and our businesses have evolved during this time. We are most fortunate to have a highly tenured and experienced Board of Directors along with the outstanding leadership and representation of our Executive Director, Terry Clemans. We will remain focused on staying engaged with any legislative or oversight concerns affecting our future, compliance and educational opportunities to offer relevant training and programs, and continue to support our members as they deliver the highest level of service through best practices, core competencies, and consistency.”

For the past year, Wink has served on Education, Legislative and Strategic committees for the NCRA, and recently had this to say:

“For years, the NCRA has been a pivotal source for continued growth, compliance and dissemination of vital information. This year will be no different. As the upcoming year continues to bring forth new challenges with the expectation of positive and gratifying results for the mortgage industry, our involvement with the NCRA will ensure that our team and customers are kept abreast of all changes and updates. As Co-Chair of the Education and Compliance Committee, I hope to keep Data Facts as a leader in its quest to aid our partners in continued awareness.

The NCRA, Data Facts & our partners all have the common goal to ensure that all data is information you can trust.”

About Data Facts Inc

For over 23 years, Data Facts has provided business and consumer information that can be trusted and relied on to make sound hiring, lending and other business decisions. Founded in 1989, Data Facts’ core divisions include mortgage and banking solutions, including but not limited to tax return verifications, appraisal management, flood certifications, fraud solutions, social security verifications, and credit; background screening and talent acquisition services, business credit, tenant screening and consumer resources. Those wanting more information about Data Facts should visit Subscribe to our blogs at and, and follow us on Twitter at dfempscreening and dfmtgsolutions.

About The National Consumer Reporting Association

The National Consumer Reporting Association (formerly the National Credit Reporting Association) is a national trade organization of consumer reporting agencies and associated professionals that provide products and services to hundreds of thousands of credit grantors, employers, landlords and all types of general businesses. NCRA members must agree to comply with all federal and state applicable laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, and the Gramm- Leach-Bliley Act. These laws define the appropriate procedures for obtaining consumer and credit information, establishing the responsibilities and privacy protocols of the users and furnishers of consumer information. NCRA's Online Study Guide, Employee Certification Program, and Comprehensive Information Security Program set one of the most stringent "Best Practices" standards in the industry to assist its members in adhering to the Federal regulations. NCRA's members are committed to solid business practices, including agreement with the associations Code of Ethics.

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