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August 9, 2011

Data Facts and iCIMS Partner to Provide Candidate Solutions to Baptist Memorial Health Care


“By jumpstarting the background check, Data Facts is able to deliver a wealth of vital information about a job applicant in as quickly as 24 hours,” said Lisa P. May, Vice President of Resource & Development at Data Facts. “This automation speeds the time to hire by allowing HR to focus on more qualified applicants.”

The process couldn’t be better, according to Kristen Lilly, director of employment services for Baptist Memorial Health Care. “We’re delighted with where this has brought us,” said Lilly of the joint effort. “The two have formed an impressively productive team.”

Data Facts is a national background screening company, provides comprehensive candidate screening services that support workforce safety and regulatory compliance.. The company, more than two-decades old, has been providing a range of services to BMHC since 2003.

During that time the two have built an excellent working relationship. As BMHC’s needs grew and regulations expanded and became more complex, Data Facts’ provided proactive health care screening solutions.

“Health care is more complicated and more at risk than most other businesses because of federal rules and regulations and the fact that regulations can differ from one state to another,” said May. “Data Facts understands the unique requirements of each state.”

In addition to the maze of evolving healthcare industry regulations, the range of information that must be checked also has expanded. “With automated compliance tools and more than 2 decades of background screening expertise, Data Facts has given Baptist peace of mind in knowing their background checking program meets these legal requirements,” said May.

“We are able to provide Baptist proper and acute screening quickly, allowing BHMC to process applications much more efficiently,” she continued. “It greatly eliminates the chances of spending too much time on a candidate who is not qualified. The turn-around time on processing applications is tremendously improved.”

Obviously, marrying two companies together to handle such a complicated and large task is a challenge in itself. But in this case, it has worked beautifully. May, who has been with Data Facts for 13 years, said she is “pleased” with the process. “The fact that this has all functioned so well is a reflection of the professionalism and talent of everyone involved,” she said. “We have been able to deliver superior results to our client.”

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