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February 20, 2014

Data Facts, Inc Announces Launch of Quarterly Financial Education Publication


Memphis TN (PRWEB) February 20, 2014

Data Facts Inc—a nationwide provider of mortgage lending and background screening solutions—recently announced the offering of a new format of financial education. My Guide is a credit and financial resource magazine developed to be co-branded as an additional credit and financial resource for partnering businesses.

My Guide was developed to enhance consumers’ ability to make the most informed financial decisions. Over 75% of consumers feel they would greatly benefit from additional credit and financial education resources, and the majority of those feel most comfortable knowing the resources come from an existing relationship.

This exclusive 16 page, quarterly digest will focus on the financial circumstances that accompany each life stage, providing greater insight and understanding of one’s financial decisions-and the impact on a credit score-in a concise, easy to understand format. This premier publication will offer consumers a year-long guide to the many misunderstood credit and financial factors, strengthening consumers’ financial awareness and capabilities.

“Throughout life, consumers are focused on varying financial goals, and My Credit My Future is dedicated to empowering individuals with financial education from young adulthood to retirement,” says Julie Wink, Executive Vice President of Data Facts, Inc. “We are thrilled to offer this informative resource in a concise, unbiased, and easy to understand format.”

Strategic partnerships with businesses interested in providing financial guidance will offer the exclusive co-branded publication to their community, employees and customers in both traditional magazine print as well as an online flipbook.

Data Facts would like to invite you to view the online version of My Guide here:

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