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February 24, 2009

Data Facts Inc. has partnered with to deliver a superior employment & tenant screening technology infrastructure’s technology infrastructure has created a user friendly platform for Data Facts clients to easily navigate when requesting any of the various types
of services provided by Data Facts. Daphne Large, President/CEO of Data Facts received Board Member of the
Year Award from the National Credit Reporting Agency for 2008.

“Our philosophy has always been simple”, says Daphne. “It is to consistently provide unsurpassed, outrageous
service to our customers by delivering what others have only promised and to build relationships that last.
Keeping our focus on our customers throughout our 20 years in business has allowed us to enjoy financial
stability, steady, controlled growth, diversification, and strategic partnerships. We love this business, we’re
passionate about what we do, and we are committed to protecting our customers by providing the information
they need to make sound business decisions.”

With the partnership, Data Facts will be able to offer a flexible online environment for operating
employment and tenant screening services. Some key features offered to Data Facts clients:

- A built‐in notification system lets you know when applicant profiles have been changed and are
completed. The system will also point out duplicated ordered for 60 days out.

- Reduce costs with the two step order process. So, if you tell us that you want a social trace and the last
2 counties lived in for the last 7 years, the system will automatically populate those counties based on
the social trace. Or, if you choose to order county criminal searches off the social trace with aliases,
then it will automatically order those counties based on that parameter.

- Secure access is guaranteed, ensuring “for –your‐eyes‐only” data exchange. Reports can be sent to
anyone designated in your company twice a day with all the completed profiles for that day. You can
click within the email and the link will take you to your login page to view the report.

- Enhanced accounting options give you each invoice with every service completely spelled out, along
with the price. You will be able to view your invoices as far back as you choose and we can set up
accounting codes so you will be able to click on the accounting code you want to sort by on your bill ‐
such as store number, branch, state, department, etc. Your account can also set up to pay by credit card
either monthly automatically or per profile as you go.

- The copy feature is great for anyone who re‐screens employees. If you have a batch of employees or a
date range of people you want to re‐run profiles or services on, you can simply copy over their
information (so you don’t have to re‐enter it!). You can click to re‐run services or click on new services.

- Drug screening is available and can be routed, managed and billed all within the system.
“With today’s competitive landscape it has become increasingly important for service providers to have a
technology partner they can depend on”, explained R.J. Vale, CEO of “We’re honored that Data
Facts has selected our robust and reliable screening management solution to help grow their business.”

About is a trusted provider of strategic services and decision making information for background screening
firms.’s proven technology infrastructure is HR‐XML Consortium certified and sets the foundation
for a strong community of progressive, independent retailers who provide risk mitigation, employment and
tenant screening services.
A founding member of the National Association of Background Screeners, and its distribution
network have been facilitating confident business decisions by serving consumers of public records from
corporate offices in Atlanta, Georgia since 1995. For more information, please visit:

About Data Facts, Inc.
Since 1989, Data Facts Inc. has been known for building lasting partnerships with their clients and its bilingual
team of licensed PI’s, who are trained to find the facts and detect potential problems. In addition to a
comprehensive menu of services for pre‐employment screening and reporting to support workforce safety and
regulatory compliance, the company also provides customers with the ability to instantly access background
search tools including SSN, credit history, national criminal database, and motor vehicle records. Learn more
about Data Facts at

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