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December 3, 2008

Data Facts Inc. selected ERC Dataplus as their preferred ATS Partner


“Over our 20 years in business, our goals have always been to remain a sound and solid
company. We are steadfast in our commitment to provide unsurpassed service in everything we do and
the difference our customers expect consistently so that we build relationships that last. Likewise, we
hold our partners, such as ERC to this same commitment and standard. Having reviewed many
platforms and companies prior to partnering with ERC, it is with complete confidence that we offer this
system,” said Daphne Large, CEO of Data Facts, who received Board Member of the Year Award from
the National Credit Reporting Agency for this year last month.
DataTrack will meet the needs of human resource professionals and hiring managers at companies both
large and small, providing them with a single platform for pre‐qualifying, assessing, appointment
scheduling, on‐boarding, complete I‐9 management and background screening at a cost of generally
30% less than competitive, less functional systems. With DataTrack, the entire recruiting process from
requisition approval through offer letters and on‐boarding will take place directly from the recruiters
desktop. The integrated solution, which also includes Personnel Systems’ assessments, improves the
recruiter’s ability to identify the best candidates and reach them more quickly, giving users of this
system a competitive edge in the hiring of new employees.
The efficiencies and productivity gains will more than pay the cost of the applicant tracking system.
Applicant information from DataTrack can be automatically sent to Data Facts, Inc. for processing of
background checks and clients will be automatically notified when reports are available for review.
“We are honored to have been chosen by Data Facts, a leading background screening solutions provider,
as their preferred provider of an integrated talent management system”, said Vice President – Business Development for ERC DataPlus, Carla Knoll. “We appreciate Data Facts’ attention to detail and
commitment to personalized service, as these are values we share in the development of our solutions.”

About ERC Dataplus
Based out of South Norwalk, Connecticut, ERC Dataplus delivers Web‐based HR management solutions
that help organizations improve their hiring processes and results. Since 1993, ERC has enabled leading
financial service firms, call centers, retailers, hospitality organizations and Fortune 2000 companies to
automate and enhance their employee recruitment, selection, development and retention.
ERC’s comprehensive solutions help manage the entire hiring process from applicant pre‐qualification,
assessment and interview coordination through on‐boarding. In addition to saving time and limiting
administrative burdens associated with high‐volume employee recruiting, ERC solutions improve the
quality and quantity of qualified candidates, reduce turnover, fill openings more quickly and provide
analytics that allow organizations to better manage and measure all hiring‐related activities.
ERC also offers post‐hire HR technology through its performance management and multirater
assessment applications, talent inventory management, and employee surveys (new hire, exit and
climate surveys).
ERC's applications are modular in design and easy to use allowing clients to select what they need, when
they need it. To learn more about ERC and its portfolio of cost effective staffing solutions, visit or call 1‐888‐ERC‐CORP (372‐2677).

About Data Facts, Inc.
Since 1989, Data Facts Inc. has been known for building lasting partnerships with their clients and its
bilingual team of licensed PI’s, who are trained to find the facts and detect potential problems. In
addition to a comprehensive menu of services for pre‐employment screening and reporting to support
workforce safety and regulatory compliance, the company also provides customers with the ability to
instantly access background search tools including SSN, credit history, national criminal database, and
motor vehicle records. Learn more about Data Facts at

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