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February 21, 2011

Data Facts Names Account Executive for Houston and Buffalo


Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Data Facts is a 100 percent woman‐owned national
company that for more than 20 years has provided businesses with background
screening, investigative services and mortgage credit solutions.
Brennan has been in the business credit industry since 1980 and has served on the
board of the National Association of Credit Management, the primary learning,
knowledge, networking and information resource for commercial creditors nationwide.
Brennan lived in Buffalo 43 years before moving to Houston four years ago.
Brennan was instrumental in the United States Senate’s passage of the Bankruptcy
Abuse Prevention & consumer protection Act of 2005. The act was stalled in congress by
a Senator from New York. Brennan led a team that was able to correct the Senator’s
misunderstandings of the Consumer and Commercial credit terms and change his vote,
allowing the act to become what it is today.

About Data Facts
Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Data Facts has offices across the United States and
provides crucial information for a broad variety of business needs, such as background
screening for employment, tenant screening for residential firms, and up‐to‐date
financial background data for mortgage companies.
Those wanting more information about Data Facts should visit,

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