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February 1, 2012

Data Facts Now Offers Next Generation Screening with Social Media


With over 20 years experience, Data Facts knows that a bad hire can cost up to three times the employee’s annual salary. Social Screening powered by Social Intelligence helps to discover not only negative information a candidate might post on the internet, such as flagrant displays of weapons, sexually explicit photos, texts, or videos, or references to illegal drugs, but also positive accolades, such as awards and volunteer activities. Social Screening only uses information that is available to the public to dispel concern of violation to the candidate, and because it reviews so many sites, less than a third of the data that is reviewed comes from the major social networking websites. Negative information about job candidates can be pulled from comments on blogs and posts on smaller social sites, as well as from user groups, e-commerce sites, and bulletin boards.

In an FCRA-compliant manner, Data Facts’ Social Screening allows companies to responsibly use social media information in a fair, non-discriminatory, respectful way. Now hiring managers can have access to the most modern and relevant sources of information, while redacting irrelevant or “protected class” information that companies could be exposed to through social media conducted in-house by hiring managers or human resource professionals.

About Data Facts, Inc.

For more than two decades, human resource professionals have been relying on Data Facts to provide information they trust to help them hire the best applicant the first time. Our best of breed technology delivers information quickly, accurately and securely. Data Facts Social Intelligence product helps organizations find the best candidate for the position while keeping them in compliance. In addition to background screening, Data Facts offers assessment surveys, drug testing, applicant tracking system integrations, and much more! Those wanting more information about Data Facts should visit Subscribe to our blog at and follow us on Twitter @DFempscreening.

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