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May 21, 2012

Data Facts Offers New Blended Business Credit Reports

Today more than ever before, it is important to know & understand who to partner with in business. Data Facts’ Commercial Credit Reports offer a combination of information from Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Edgar, resulting in a robust report that will minimize lending risks. Because this combined report offers information from multiple sources, it is able to contain the best information from the best company. For example, Experian has the most industry trade data on medium and small companies, commercial collections, and industry exclusive blended business reports. Dun & Bradstreet excels in parent company information. By using multiple sources, more complete coverage is provided, which produces a higher hit rate and more accurate recommendations.
Critical information in Data Facts’ Commercial Credit Reports include: a credit logic score that quickly determines the level of risk; balance to high ratio, which show how much credit a company has been using; days beyond terms help identify changes in payment habits; trade payment experiences offer detailed payment information provided by third party creditors; and public information provides a listing of any collections bankruptcies, liens or judgments.
Data Facts understands that extending credit to small business owners can be risky. Therefore, Data Facts also offers two reports to minimize that risk. We have the ability to let a company access personal credit on the small business owner.
Data Facts recently hired two Senior Account Executives with decades of experience in Business Credit. Dawn Wisdom has been in the business credit industry for over seven years, and overachieved her sales targets 4 out of 5 years with D&B. Melody Doss has over 10 years of experience with D&B and also worked in the mortgage industry. Doss also exceeded her sales targets all 10 years she worked at D&B.
“Data Facts is excited to be able to offer a blended business credit report that includes data from the top business information companies, like Experian and Dun & Bradstreet, as well as the latest Edgar report,” said Tracie Coronado, Director of Sales for Data Facts. “Data Facts Commercial Credit Reports truly offer the best information for business credit. With business fraud becoming more and more rampant in our society, it is imperative that companies utilize business credit reports to minimize their risk. Data Facts’ Commercial Credit Reports help them do just that.”
About Data Facts, Inc.
For nearly 23 years, those in need of consumer and business intelligence have been relying on Data Facts to provide information they trust to help them make informed decisions. Our best of breed technology delivers information quickly, accurately and securely. Data Facts enjoys an extraordinary level of customer and staff loyalty, as well as financial stability, controlled growth and diversification.
A new partnership with Commercial Credit Reports allows Data Facts to offer blended business credit reports, which help companies minimize risk before lending. Those wanting more information about Data Facts should visit
Contact: Sara Kellum, Marketing Manager
skellum (at) datafacts (dot) com Data Facts, Inc.


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