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August 10, 2011

Data Facts Offers Ongoing Monitoring Through Infinity Screening™


Memphis, TN Data Facts, Inc., the nation’s leading provider of comprehensive background screening and
credentialing, has recently partnered with Innovative Enterprises to offer Infinity Screening™. A highly
effective post-hire screening solution, Infinity Screening™ monitors enrolled employees on an ongoing
basis, alerting employers to new criminal record information as well as changes to existing records.
Memphis/TN, USA October 31, 2011 - Screening after an applicant has accepted a position is particularly
important in the health care industry. With many new regulations coming into effect which hold medical
organizations accountable by imposing civil monetary penalties, post-hire screening is more important
now than ever before. Infinity Screening™ empowers employers to proactively identify factors which
increase their risk to negligent retention claims, workplace violence, loss due to internal shrinkage and
public embarrassment through negative publicity.
“Data Facts has a proven track record as an industry leader in the health care space and shares our
commitment to employing recognized best practices to reduce our shared clients’ exposure to risk,”
Clifford J. Williams, Innovative’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer said. “This partnership greatly
enhances the ability of professional health care organizations to detect post-hire behavior which may
represent an increased risk in their workplaces or a danger to the vulnerable populations they serve.”
Lisa P. May, Vice President of Marketing at Data Facts, Inc. will discuss the importance of Infinity
Screening™ at the upcoming Mississippi Association of Medical Staff Services conference, taking place
November 3 and 4 at the Embassy Suites Jackson, in Ridgeland, MS.
“Health care is more complicated and more at risk than most other businesses because of federal rules
and regulations and the fact that regulations can differ from one state to another,” said May. “Data Facts
understands the unique requirements of each state. Infinity Screening™ monitors employees by doing
monthly checks, helping to ensure that organizations stay in compliance and avoid costly penalties and
litigation. Infinity Screening™ assists in confirming that each employee is up to date with their license and
other registrations, verifying practitioner credentials and identifying sanctioned individuals.”
May has been a top producing sales executive with Data Facts for 16 years and has won multiple awards
while at Data Facts, including the 2003 Sales Executive of the Year award and most recently the Employee
of the Year award in 2010. May is a member of the National Society for Human Resource Management and
is also a member of the Memphis chapter, where she served as the Vice President of Hospitality in 2010.

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