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September 30, 2009

Data Facts upgrades integration with the SmartSearch talent acquisition system to include personal reference checks


Now in addition to running criminal background checks, motor vehicle records, social
security numbers, credit checks and employment references, there is an option to
request personal references as well.

“At Data Facts, our primary mission is to provide in-depth, relevant and accurate
reports in a timely manner to help our customers make sound hiring decisions, and
reduce the risk of negligent hiring issues,” said Daphne Large, CEO of Data Facts. “We
continue to work with APS to improve our processes and make it easier for SmartSearch
users to compile, store and search in-depth, relevant and useful information throughout
the hiring process.”

It’s easy for SmartSearch users to benefit from this feature. They simply log into
the system and enter the names and phone numbers of the applicant’s personal
references. Data Facts subsequently updates the system with any and all feedback
received from the personal reference so employers have the information to make a
smart hiring decision.

“Having worked with Data Facts and SmartSearch for several years, we’ve been
looking forward to the latest integration of reference checking,” says Rolana Bourland, Human Resource Generalist with Cummins Mid-South. “With the help of Data Facts, we
look forward to hiring the most qualified candidates.”

“SmartSearch is designed to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ existing
systems and applications for managing all employment related information,” said Doug
Coull, CEO of APS. “We’ve successfully integrated with many internal and external
applications such as job boards and HRIS/payroll systems, for example, as well as other
leading background screening providers including Kroll and USIS. We are very pleased
to offer our clients this upgrade to our integration with Data Facts. We appreciate their
attention to detail and commitment to personalized service; these are values we share in
the development of our solutions.”

For over a year, the technological collaboration between Data Facts and APS
have provided mutual clientele with fast, easy access to pre-employment screening and
background check data within the SmartSearch system. SmartSearch offers real-time,
talent management software that centralizes sourcing, recruiting, applicant tracking, and
hiring activities by providing an online database where all the pieces come together.

About APS: Advanced Personnel Systems has developed and deployed talent
management and recruiting business solutions since 1986. Having pioneered the field of
resume-scanning-based recruiting solutions, APS remains a leader in web-based
technology and innovative approaches to recruitment data management. Its flagship
product, SmartSearch, is currently in its thirteenth release and serves more than 6,000
users worldwide. Learn more about SmartSearch by visiting

About Data Facts: Data Facts is known for building lasting partnerships with their
clients, and its bilingual team of licensed PI’s, who are trained to find the facts and detect
potential problems. In addition to a comprehensive menu of services for pre-employment
screening and reporting to support workforce safety and regulatory compliance, the
company also provides customers with the ability to instantly access background search
tools including SSN, credit history, national criminal database, and motor vehicle
records. Learn more about Data Facts at

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