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August 20, 2013

Women-Owned Data Facts Inc Celebrates 24 Years of Business


(PRWEB) August 20, 2013

Data Facts Inc. was founded in July 1989 by CEO, Daphne Large.    Having worked for Equifax Services since 1978, Daphne had a vision to serve clients better through enhanced personal services. She seized an opportunity to start Data Facts and offer clients what others had only promised – the service they expected, consistently.    That commitment to service has not changed.

In addition to mortgage credit reporting, Daphne had significant experience in employment screening, and utilized that knowledge to launch Data Facts’ new background screening division in 1992. A full suite of background screening services was provided and today Data Facts offers criminal checks, verification and investigation services, drug screening, I9 services, assessments and more.

Today, Data Facts is still a privately held business, with the 2 owners Daphne Large and Julie Wink acting as the CEO and the EVP , respectively. Data Facts is women owned and when we opened in 1989, there were over 2000 CRA’s engaged in credit and lending solutions.    Today, there are less than 200 still in business. Daphne states, “We are proud that our business model has stood the test of time.

“On the background screening side of the house, Data Facts is one of only 2% of background screening firms to have achieved the gold standard of accreditation by the NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners). Data Facts is also a founding member of the NAPBS and early adopter of best practices for the industry.    

Daphne attributes the success of Data Facts to their dedicated employees. They are dedicated to our customers, to Data Facts and to each other.     “I have seen our competitors become complacent and even take business for granted. Not at Data Facts. Not now, not ever. We know our customers have many choices. We expect to earn their business each and every day, and we will. These are not just words, we live by them. At Data Facts, we believe if we take care of our people, our people will take care of our customers and our customers will take care of Data Facts. And they do.”

Julie Wink states “Industry experience has also been a key to our success. The majority of our staff has tenure of over 10 years in either lending solutions or background screening, with many having 20 years or more.    The company benefits from this by maintaining an extremely experienced team. It’s a win for our customers and for Data Facts.”

Along with their commitment to their employees, Wink and Large also believe in being active and educated about their industry and the regulations affecting it. Both are heavily involved in numerous industry committees and associations. Large is currently the 2013 President of the NCRA (National Consumer Reporting Association), having also served as VP, Treasurer, and Director. Wink has sat on the Tennessee Mortgage Bankers Association and the Nashville Mortgage Bankers Association boards, and currently Co-chairs the Education Committee of the NCRA.

As for the future, there’s no end in sight. Data Facts is still growing and looking for ways to expand the business. Julie Wink is still pursuing greater heights. “ I have committed myself to staying focused on ‘continual improvement.’ We want to make sure we are always asking what NEEDS to be done and what will make a DIFFERENCE for our customers and employees. We will continue to push forward, offer more products, and gain more customers, accomplishing it as we always have: by delivering what the customer needs and wants in a partner."
When looking back on the past 24 years, Daphne smiles and says “the best is yet to come – we invite you to experience The Data Facts Difference”.

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