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Bureaus Extend Free Weekly Credit Reports to 2022

What to Know When Expanding Mortgage Services to LEP Borrowers

Check-Up vs. UDM- What are the Differences?

8 Ways to Keep the Appraisal Process Moving

3 Lesser-Known Referral Sources for Great Mortgage Leads

Your Credit Score: Breaking Down the 5 Components

6 Key Sections You'll Find on Your Credit Report

Adverse Action Notices: What Are They?

Beware of Fake Employers in the Loan File

Cyber-Crimes on the Rise, Another Fallout from COVID-19

Fannie Mae Issues Reminder on Appraisal Risk Management

How to Dispute Inaccuracies on Your Credit Report

3 Keys to Approaching Your 2021 Marketing Strategy

Breaking Down Your Debt-to-Income Ratio

6 Keys to a Strong Password

4 Tips for Protecting Your Identity During the Holidays

3 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Late Payments

Hard Inquiries Vs. Soft Inquiries: What’s the Difference?

Looking for an Appraisal Management Company? 4 Factors to Consider

Are You Credit Invisible? 4 Tips to Establish Credit History

MBA Projects Record Purchase Volume, Higher Rates in 2021

The FCRA Celebrates 50 Years

How Long Should You Rate-Shop for Mortgages?

Why Having the Right Mix of Credit Matters

3 Scary Mortgage Fraud Headlines

Protecting Your Credit During a Divorce

Cyberattacks are Increasing: Here’s How Lenders Can Stay Safe

5 Things That Can Derail a Mortgage Closing

Credit Supplements and Rescores: What's the Difference?

5 Famous Quotes for First-Time Homebuyers

Can Credit Boosters Help Your Score?

4 Things That Can Diminish Your Home’s Appraised Value

Fannie and Freddie CEOs Address Adverse Market Fee Complaints

Move Over Millennials: Gen Z Homebuyers Enter the Market

Will Technology Replace the Loan Officer? We Don’t Think So

Residential Appraisals in a COVID World: How Did We Get Here?

Automation in Mortgage Lending: 4 Tools You Should Be Using Right Now

New CFPB Study Shows Credit Builder Loans Can Boost Credit Records

Can Becoming an Authorized User Help Your Credit Score?

5 Credit Myths You Should Know About

Forbearance Codes: Tips for Servicers and Originators

Credit Utilization: Should You Follow The 30% Rule?

How Do Appraisers Calculate Building Size?

Charge-Off vs. Collections- Is There a Difference?

4 Tips for Credit Responsibility During COVID-19

How the “Scorecard” You’re on Could Impact Your Credit Score

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act: How to Stay in Compliance

Appraiser Independence: What Is It, and Why Is It Important?

GSEs Stress Lump Sum Forbearance Repayments Not Required

Here’s How to Get Your Free Weekly Credit Report

It's Financial Literacy Month! Numbers and Websites You Should Know

5 Home Office Tips for Loan Originators

The COVID-19 Relief Act: New Implications for Lenders

Think Before You Click: Hackers Preying on COVID-19 Fears

4 Ways Lenders Can Navigate the COVID-19 Crisis

5 Facts You Should Know About Mortgage Fraud

FICO Scores Hit Record High

5 Tricks That Can Improve Your Applicant’s Credit Score

Credit Freezes and Credit Locks: How They Can Protect You

Why Consumer-Permissioned Data is the Future of Lending

3 Customer Retention Tactics for Mortgage Lenders

New FICO Changes- The Winners and Losers

What Football Teaches us about Mortgage Credit Reporting

Tax Identity Theft- How it Happens, and How to Prevent It

Stop Setting Vague Goals: SMART Goals for Loan Originators

New Law Requires Taxpayer Consent for IRS Transcripts

The Differences Between FICO and VantageScore

4 Ways to Generate Free Mortgage Leads Using Social Media

3 years of Day 1 Certainty: What You May Have Overlooked

CFPB Announces $700M Settlement in Equifax Data Breach

Study Details Millennials’ Unhealthy Credit Habits

Mortgage Industry Professionals...Get Ready for URLA

Important Digital Mortgage Statistics Mortgage Pros Should Know

Equifax Settles FCRA Claim on Reporting of Civil Judgments & Tax Liens

Data Facts Announces Major Expansion to Appraisal Ordering Platform: The Verisite Plus Report

How to Protect Your Credit Score During A Government Shutdown

What Military Men and Women Should Know About Their Credit

Actions Lenders Can Take to Increase Millennial Market Share in 2019

Mortgage Lending Compliance: Worrying About Debt Monitoring

The Importance of Public Record Data

Why Mortgage Triggering Is Still Happening to Borrowers

Important Numbers Mortgage Lenders Should Know About Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Lending Services Vendor Management Checklist

Fannie Mae CEO to Mortgage Lenders: Day 1 Certainty Makes You More Competitive

Why Lenders Need to be Concerned About Wire Transfer Fraud

7 Compliance Tips for Lenders to Get the Most Bang for Their Buck

UPDATE: How DU Plans to Handle Your Frozen Credit Files

Trick or Treat? Avoid these Mistakes During the Home Buying Process

New Rule Makes It Harder for Medical Bills to Mess up Your Credit

Fraud Alert and Credit Freeze: Which Do You Need?

Worried About Your Credit Score? 4 Tips for Reviewing Your Credit Report

Fannie Mae Increasing Debt-to-Income Ratio to Expand Mortgage Lending

Mortgage Lenders: Find New Sources For Lien And Judgment Data

Fannie Mae Moves to Accommodate Student Loan Debt

Credit Report Changes May Result in Credit Score Increases for Many Consumers

2017 Mortgage Trends that Can Disrupt A Mortgage Pro's Success

Millennial Home Buyers: Will 2017 Be the Year?

Are You a Lender Concerned About the Cost of Lending Compliance?

Updated! DU Day 1 Certainty: Twelve FAQs from the Trenches

Lenders Get the Full Picture with Portfolio Monitoring Solutions

Six Scary Mistakes Turn an Approved Mortgage into a Denied Mortgage

Got Mortgage Trended Data Blues? FAQ's to Help Ease the Pain

Be Vigilant on Vacay! TwelveTips to Guard Against Identity Theft this Summer

Trended Credit Data News -Fannie Mae Postpones DO/DU v10.0 Release

Are You Ready for Mortgage Trended Data? Important FAQ's

Three Potential Millennial Homebuyers Tips Mortgage Lenders Must Know

Quick Facts for Mortgage Professionals: Flood Certifications

A Better Mousetrap? Ten Crucial Points about Mortgage Trended Data

IRS Implementing New Doc Rules for Tax Transcripts Effective March 1

Six New Year's Resolutions that Help You Close More Loans in 2016

Energize Your Mortgage Business In 2016 with Proper Vendor Management

Credit Bureaus Selling Borrower's Info? YES! But, Data Facts Can Help

Spending Mistakes Smart People Make Over the Holidays

The Advantages of E-Closings

40 TRID Facts You NEED To Know

Why Are My FICO Credit Scores Different?

7 Tips For TRID Success

Must Know Tips To Protect Your Credit During A Divorce

The Credit Impact After Selling Your Home

Watch Out! The 6 Most Common Mortgage Fraud Red Flags

Are Millennials "Credit-Invisible"?


Fraud Alert Vs. Security Freeze--Which Is Right For Me?

Top 10 Student Loan Tips For Recent Grads

5 Steps To Best Manage 3rd Party Vendor Compliance

Protecting Your Identity While On Vacation

Reduce Costs and Ensure Compliance with Technology

3rd Party Vendor Management Checklist

Data Facts Helps You Detect & Reduce Mortgage Fraud

How To Lower Your Compliance Costs

What Your Credit Report Says About You: A Guide To Understanding Your Credit Report

What You Need To Know About FICO 9.0

Prevent Mortgage Fraud with Soc. Sec. Verifications

The Importance of Good Credit

Freezing Credit--Why and How

Do You Want To Close Even MORE Loans In 2015?

Do You Want To Close More Loans in 2015?

Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week: IRS Imposters Targeting Taxpayers

Does Your Credit Score Affect Homeowner's Insurance?

The High Cost of Mortgage Fraud

Holiday Shopping Tips to Help Protect Against ID Theft

Due Diligence in Third Party Selection

4 Mistakes That Can Turn A Mortgage APPROVAL Into A Mortgage DENIED

5 Ways To Protect Your Credit During a Divorce

Tips to Protect Your Identity After A Security Breach

FICO 9.0 - Great New Features, but Currently Not Available For Mortgage Lending

Expect The Highest Level Of Compliance With Your Vendor!

The Financial Impact of UDAAP Non-Compliance

SSN Mortgage Fraud-What You Need To Know

Close More Loans with the Expedited Rescore Program

Tax Return Fraud: A Billion Dollar Industry

Easy Ways to Avoid TRV Kickbacks

Ability To Repay Rule Quick Guide-8 Underwriting Factors

5 Common Credit Mistakes That Could Be Lowering Your Score

The Importance of Vendor Management

Are You CFPB Compliant?

What Millennials NEED to know about Mortgages

What do Millennial need to know about Mortgages?

Building (or re-building) Credit

Close More Loans NOW, Using Social Media

What FHA e-Signatures Mean To You

CFPB Alert: Are You Ready For August 2015?

April is Financial Literacy Month. Financial Info YOU Need To Know!

Finding the RIGHT Credit Card for YOU!

Strategies to Help You Erase Debt in 2014

5 Tax Deduction Tips for Homeowners

STOP! Don't Mess Up Your Home Mortgage!

Getting Married? How Marriage Affects Your Credit

8 Ways to Build a GREAT Credit Score

A HReal HRisk HR can help HReduce | BCP Business Center

H.A.R.P. Has Been Extended!

CFPB—What The New Rules Mean For Consumers

Protecting Your Credit After a Security Breach

Partners Against Crime. Data Facts Helps You Combat Lending Fraud.

Look Before You Leap on the Social Media Bandwagon

DATA FACTS, Inc. to Attend the MBA's 100th Annual Convention and Expo

Mortgage Triggering: Who is contacting my customer?

Back On Track: The Housing Market Is Changing For The Better

Debt Relief Act Extended Through 2013

News Release: Senators Introduce Bill to Help Americans Struggling with Medical Debt

From Data Facts: 5 Things Not to do After You Apply for a Mortgage

4 Tips for Reviewing Your Credit Report

Social Security Numbers and Mortgage Fraud

7 Steps to Protect Your Finances During a Divorce

The Sticky Truth about Collection Accounts

Data Facts Answers Question About Authorized User Accounts

Credit Score Success from Scratch; a Simple Recipe

From Data Facts: A Quick Check of Your Compliance Standards

April is Financial Literacy Month: Numbers and Websites You Should Know

FHA Changes Their Stance On Collection Accounts…..for now

Credit Scores: Small Mistakes that Spell Big Trouble

Things You Need To Know About Harp 2.0

Identity Theft: The Newest Open Door to Thieves

The Truth About Closing Credit Cards

Credit Score Health: Common Conditions that can Tank your Score

Pay off your credit card every month? Your credit report may still show a balance

Mortgage Triggering; Who is calling my customers?

Social Security Numbers; Times are A Changin'

Credit Scores and Why You May Not Have One

Why a Strong Password is Your Best Friend

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