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Easy Ways to Avoid TRV Kickbacks

by Jennifer Hamby

Jun 24, 2014 1:41:09 PM


Ordering Tax Return Verifications can be a nightmare if you keep getting kickbacks due to inaccurate information when you order.  Don’t let mistakes slow you down.  Save time and money by making sure you fill out the 4506-T form accurately.  Here are some helpful hints when ordering your TRV.


  •          Make sure the name(s) and SSN are listed on the 4506-T form


  •          The 4506-T needs to be signed and dated within 120 DAYS


  •          DOUBLE CHECK THE ADDRESS.  The IRS goes off the address listed on the tax returns that have been filed,which has to match the United States Postal Service (Google USPS and verify that the address is not missing any information--ex. Ave, St, Apt #, SW, NE, etc)  If anything is missing from the address, add it to the 4506-T form on line 4.  You can list more than 1 address 


  •          If you need 1099 information aW-2 will come with the 1099 order.  You don't have to order an additional W2


  •          If you need an AMENDED RETURN, check 6c Record of Account on the product section of the 4506-T.  Then choose 1040 ROA when entering the order in the system.


  •          If you have 4506-T signed by Power of Attorney we will need a copy of the POA to send with the order.


  •          When ordering a 1065, 1120 Business/Corporate returns,theIRS requires the borrower’s title at that business to be on the 4506-T underneath the signature at the bottom.


  •          DO NOT scratch thru anything on the 4506-T form.  The IRS will consider it to be altered and will reject it back.(Even if the borrower has put their initials by it).




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