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Can Becoming an Authorized User Help Your Credit Score?

Posted by Matt Holmes

Jul 13, 2020 9:02:00 AM

If you’re new to this whole credit thing, it can be difficult to get on the scoreboard as a responsible credit user. So what can you do to jump-start your credit history? A popular suggestion is to become an authorized user on someone else’s account. But does this tactic really work?

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Data Facts Answers Question About Authorized User Accounts

Posted by datafactssolutions

May 30, 2012 8:36:00 AM

Question: “In the past, our mortgage company has encouraged borrowers who have either little credit or are rebuilding their credit to become an authorized user on the account of a spouse, parent, or sibling. Recently, however, we have heard that authorized user accounts are no longer factored into a person’s credit score, and will not help increase a credit score. What is true? Help!”

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