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Your Credit Score: Breaking Down the 5 Components

Posted by Matt Holmes

Mar 1, 2021 9:02:00 AM

There are 5 weighted factors that are used in determining your FICO® score, the most common score used by lenders. Make sure you’re covered on all fronts using these quick tips for each factor:

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Are You Credit Invisible? 4 Tips to Establish Credit History

Posted by Matt Holmes

Nov 23, 2020 9:02:00 AM

In 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau published a study finding that 26 million Americans were “credit invisible”- in other words, about 1 in every 10 Americans has no documented credit profile with the 3 major credit bureaus.

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New CFPB Study Shows Credit Builder Loans Can Boost Credit Records

Posted by Matt Holmes

Jul 20, 2020 9:02:00 AM

Last week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a report indicating that a credit builder loan could increase the probability of developing a credit history for those without one. The study also found that the financial product can help boost the credit profiles for those with no current outstanding debt.

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5 Credit Myths You Should Know About

Posted by Matt Holmes

Jul 6, 2020 9:02:00 AM

Credit, as we know it, has been around for a long time. Thus, the modern consumer credit system has given birth to a lot of information (and a lot of misinformation). Here are 5 myths about credit usage that have developed over time, and that you should know about.

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Topics: credit reports, Credit Score, credit history, Understanding Credit Scores

Credit Utilization: Should You Follow The 30% Rule?

Posted by Matt Holmes

Jun 22, 2020 9:02:00 AM

There’s a lot of myths and misconceptions in the credit universe (See our recent blog on charge-offs and collections), and we’re always here to help quash the controversy. Today’s misconception we’d like to address: The oft-cited “30% Rule” of credit utilization.

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FICO Scores Hit Record High

Posted by Matt Holmes

Mar 9, 2020 9:02:00 AM

According to a new study from Experian, the average American FICO® score hit a record high of 703 in 2019.

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Topics: Credit Score, credit history, Credit Report

New FICO Changes- The Winners and Losers

Posted by Matt Holmes

Feb 5, 2020 9:02:00 AM

In January, Fair Isaac announced it would once again make changes to the criteria that determines your FICO score. Historically, scoring changes have led to various consumer outcomes, and this update is shaping up to have its own share of winners and losers. So who are they, and what can you expect? 

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Topics: Credit Score, credit history, Credit Report

The Differences Between FICO and VantageScore

Posted by Matt Holmes

Dec 5, 2019 1:00:00 PM

FICO and VantageScore Differences

FICO® and VantageScore® are the two biggest credit-scoring models in the business, so it’s important that mortgage applicants (and lenders) understand the similarities and differences between each. Here’s what you should know about the two.

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Topics: Credit Score, credit history, Credit Bureau, FICO, Credit Report, VantageScore

How to Protect Your Credit Score During A Government Shutdown

Posted by U.S. News and World Report

Jan 22, 2019 1:11:43 PM

This article was originally posted at Washington's Top News by U.S. News and World Report, and can be accessed here.

If you’re one of the 800,000 federal employees who are not getting paid during the government shutdown, you’re in a tough spot, for sure.

Most likely, you’ve morphed into survival mode, which may or may not include thinking about your credit score. I totally get that. But what if I told you it’s possible to get through this with an (almost) intact credit score?

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Worried About Your Credit Score? 4 Tips for Reviewing Your Credit Report

Posted by Susan McCullah

Sep 13, 2017 10:36:52 AM

 In light of the Equifax security breach, consumers are concerned about their credit report. Advice is everywhere on how to handle this issue. Regardless of whether or not you decide to freeze your credit, you need to CHECK YOUR CREDIT REPORT!

So, what do we mean by that? What are you supposed to be checking?

As a leading mortgage lending services provider, here are our suggestions:

While pulling your credit report at least once a year is very good advice, a person needs to know what to look for when reviewing their information.

You can actually check your credit 3 times a year at no charge.

Goto which is a website sponsored by the three credit bureaus. You can pull one bureau once a year for free. Simply enter your information and order a one-bureau credit file.

Then what? 

Start with these tips to make certain you understand the information on your credit report:

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