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Credit Scores: Small Mistakes that Spell Big Trouble

Posted by datafactssolutions

Mar 26, 2012 9:03:00 AM

Most people are aware of the big actions that can cause your credit score to take a tumble: filing bankruptcy, having an account sent to collections,or being foreclosed upon. However, these are not the only actions that can decrease your credit score. Here are some other mistakes a consumer can make with their credit. While not ‘major offenders’, these 5 missteps can still prohibit you from joining the credit elite.

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The Truth About Closing Credit Cards

Posted by datafactssolutions

Nov 17, 2011 12:35:00 PM

If you have read anything about how to get and keep a high credit score, you have probably seen this advice: never close your credit cards. This advice is true and good. Sort of.

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Credit Score Health: Common Conditions that can Tank your Score

Posted by datafactssolutions

Oct 31, 2011 9:33:00 AM


A credit score is a measurement to determine your credit worthiness, and we should all strive to keep ours as HIGH as possible. This means managing our payments, watching our credit card balances, and not frivolously applying for new credit.

However, certain seemingly innocent actions can result in credit score decreases. Do you recognize yourself as having any of these “conditions”?

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Pay off your credit card every month? Your credit report may still show a balance

Posted by datafactssolutions

Oct 13, 2011 8:45:00 AM

To all you consumers who pay your credit card balances in full every month; good for you!

Not carrying a balance on a credit card is one of the best financial maneuvers you can make for yourself. This ensures that you won’t rack up expensive finance charges, nor will you find yourself deep in credit card debt.


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Increase Your Credit Score: High Tech and Low Tech Ways

Posted by datafactssolutions

Aug 16, 2011 2:46:00 PM

Protect your credit score! Whether you are a high tech smartphone addict or barely use email, here are some everyday tips that you can put in place. These routine practices will boost your credit score to the top of the charts:

1: Make sure your credit report is accurate. If your credit score is being calculated from incorrect information, it may be suffering greatly. It’s estimated that 25% of credit reports contain some sort of error.
High tech way: You may request a copy of your credit report from once every 12 months free of charge. This website is provided by the 3 main credit bureaus. Reviewing your credit report is a great way to catch any mistakes BEFORE they damage your credit.

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