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Webinar: How to Increase Your Business by 30% in 2019

When:  March 21, 10:00 AM CST


Don't let rising interest rates get you down! Lenders who want their business to flourish and their market share to expand now (and in the next few years) must figure out how to adapt to the changing industry landscape. This presentation will offer several key take-aways on how to increase your business and expand your market share.

  • Current borrower climate
  • Ways to strengthen options created from technology and mobile devices
  • How to implement ways to let the customer "drive"
  • Why and how to educate your potential borrowers 


Webinar:David Luna Presents: Challenges and Opportunities Mortgage Pros Will See in 2019


When: March 27, 11:00 AM CST


Join Data Facts and guest presenter David Luna to learn about the forecasts and expectations the mortgage industry faces in 2019 and beyond.
This webinar will cover:

  • How does the stock market’s volatility relate to mortgage rates?
  • What challenges do real estate agents and builders face?
  • How can you get more builder business?
  • What will new leadership in Washington mean to the industry, where will the new CFPB director take the bureau – and what is the future of state CFPBs
  • What’s going on in the minds of renters and recent buyers?
  • Who are the new buyers, and how do you connect with them?
  • Is another recession far off?
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