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Data Facts Technology

Intuitive Technology & Integrations

Our solutions seamlessly plug into your existing technology stack. Data Facts offers flexibility and scalability with our award-winning ordering platform, a wide array of ATS integrations, and a simple invoicing system. Our modern technology empowers you to tap into key insights, faster than ever.

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Our ATS Partners and Integrations

Data Facts has partnered with a variety of Applicant Tracking Systems to help you make the smartest hiring and employee management decisions. Reduce your cost to hire and time to fill the position with our integrated solutions.

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HR Integrations Don't Have to Be Complicated.

Our software solution allows you to instantly connect to all your HR Systems, giving you access to hiring information within one platform using a Google Chrome extension. Don't put off adding helpful HR integrations because of the painful process involved. Streamline your workflow with a simple, straightforward integration solution. It's all part of how Data Facts offers technology-driven information for people, about people, by people.


Exclusive Security Benefits

Deliver screening services right to the candidate's fingertips.

Our mobile-friendly applicant tool is a powerful digital application that drives hiring efficiency and keeps you compliant all while providing a better candidate experience.

  • Securely sends applicant invite via email and/or text with reminders
  • Electronic authorizations and disclosures
  • Appropriate state disclosures and/or notices populate for your applicant based on where they live and/or are working
  • ATS integrations provide data pre-populated from the application for reduced data entry
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Extensive security measures at every touchpoint

Our user interface ensures maximum, multi-level security to our clients.

  • All system users are set up with a unique login and password
  • Customizable account hierarchies & unlimited user permission configurations
  • Multi-factor authentication is enabled and required

The Merits of Our Technology

Discover what makes our technology offerings the superior option.

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Discover the Data Facts Difference

There are many reasons why organizations all over the world trust their background screening to Data Facts. Our U.S.-based, experienced staff, robust platform, platinum service, and powerful integration network are just a few of the ways we go above and beyond to partner with you.

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