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Drug-Abusing Employees Cost Companies Big

Your Compliant Solution for Drug & Occupational Health Services

Data Facts brings you total service management solutions from electronic drug screening (DOT approved and non-DOT), occupational health services, and more. Due to ever-changing legislature, we also provide an option for drug screening with redacted marijuana findings.

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Delivering Information You Trust Since 1989

We have a proven history of delivering a full suite of background screening solutions our clients can trust to make sound hiring decisions. We live by the value “Good, Better, Best... Never let it rest”. That’s why we provide robust services across many industries just like the big box vendors, but with friendly, attentive service and support. Plus, we’re privately owned — so we represent only our customers and employees.

Drug Costs
0 %
of Workers’ Comp claims involve substance abuse
Workplace Fatalities
0 %
tested positive for drugs or alcohol
Widespread Problem
0 M
U.S. workers struggle with substance use disorder
Drug abusing employees are
0 x
more likely to be involved in workplace accidents
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5 Panel eCup Rapid Test

The eCup drug test device is the industry’s only electronic urine on-site instant drug test performed under a tamper-evident seal. The self-contained eCup does not require pouring, transferring, or pipetting of the specimen.

  • The lid contains reagent test strips sensitive to the five tests recommended by the SAMHSA, including cocaine (COC), marijuana (THC), methamphetamines (MET), morphine (MOP) and phencyclidine (PCP). It also features integrated adulteration test strips for pH, nitrite and creatinine.
  • eCup tests are performed at the service location or POC collection site.
  • The testing process is performed securely and confidentially under seal using the patented eReader drug screening system along with our eCCF™ paperless process.
  • The eReader uses barcode technology coupled with optical imaging, enabling the consistent capture of drug test results without the subjectivity of human interpretation.
  • It reports a negative eCup urine drug screen back to the end user via the web within 15 minutes.

xCup Rapid Test

The xReader™ drugs of abuse test system enables you to customize and choose from five standard panel options that test from six to 10 metabolites based on your needs and policies.

  • The xCup device works in conjunction with the xReader system, enabling you to electronically screen for up to 10 commonly abused prescription and illicit drugs.
  • The xReader system provides the immediacy of rapid, point-of-collection drug screening with the consistency of an instrument read test. Additionally, its ability to report digitally screened negative results in 5 minutes allows you to hire employees today.
  • The xReader system is an FDA 510(k) cleared instrumented test that targets today’s most common illicit and prescription drugs.
  • As laws change regarding medical and recreational marijuana use, some employers are choosing to eliminate cannabis from their drug screening panel.

DOT and Non-DOT Lab-Based Drug Testing

DOT and non-DOT lab-based tests can be processed along with the required federal chain-of-custody form (whether paper or electronic). All results report back to the end user via a secure, confidential website. Our documented turn times are consistently tracked at between 2 and 2 ½ days.

On-site Instant Test

Need to test your job applicants or current employees on-site? Breath, urine and saliva testing solutions return results in a matter of minutes. Save time and cut costs with our suite of rapid screening solutions.


Recording and reporting breath alcohol testing occurs through our collection management system. BATs are recorded electronically in the application and are reported to employers in real time via a secure and confidential web platform. It can be scheduled (pre-registered) as an independent event or combined with all other types of screening and testing services to create a single-platform collection process.

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Industries We Serve

We help HR leaders, risk management professionals and other stakeholders across many industries proceed confidently with their new hires. We create confidence that organizations will mitigate risk as they seek to grow staff at a rapid pace or scale.

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Trusted Partners (EScreen, I3Screen, Quest, Labcorp, PremierBiotech)

We offer the largest network of drug screening in the United States by partnering with the leading drug screening companies to ensure our clients have access to the most accurate, thorough testing available to meet their needs.

Your cohesive, compliant drug screening policy can screen in one, multiple, or all these cases: Pre-Employment (proactively screen job candidates before extending an offer of employment), Reasonable Suspicion (screen current employees due to change in behavior, change in lifestyle, lack of productivity, etc.), Random (choose a small percentage of employees to drug screen), Post-Accident (drug test employees after they have been involved in an accident.)


Why our Customers Love Us

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HR Systems Analyst at Engineering Corporation

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Discover the Data Facts Difference

There are many reasons why organizations all over the world trust their background screening to Data Facts. Our U.S. based, experienced staff, robust platform, platinum service, and powerful integration network are just a few of the ways we go above and beyond to partner with you.

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