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Business Credit Report Solutions

Your Single Source for Business Credit

When evaluating business credit, the ability to make the right decisions is only as good as the data driving those decisions. Past and current performance is highly indicative of future risk. Data Facts provides business credit reports with detailed insight so you can make wise business decisions.

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We update our data regularly so you have a clear, accurate picture of a company’s financial standing.



Uniform decision-making processes are relevant and fair across the board.

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The ROI on identifying high-risk clients BEFORE extending them credit is high.

Uncollectible Invoices
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of invoices are over 6 months old
Risky Behavior
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days past due is highly predictive of a financial issue
Negative Impact
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of small & mid-sized businesses are impacted by late payments
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Technology | BusinessIQ for Intelligent Decisions

BusinessIQ provides credit professionals with an integrated, easy-to-use, web-based interface to Experian information, including analysis and decisioning tools designed to maximize the benefits of the information across the lifecycle of your customers. The platform is organized into the following modules:

Why our Customers Love Us

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HR Manager in Business Services Industry

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Discover the Data Facts Difference

There are many reasons why organizations all over the world trust their business to Data Facts. Our U.S.-based, experienced staff, robust platform, platinum service, and powerful integration network are just a few of the ways we go above and beyond to partner with you.

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