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Don’t automatically trust applicants’ claims


Maximize the chances your new hire possesses the education and qualifications they claim. Verifying employment histories, educational degrees, and professional licenses through Data Facts protects your company’s reputation and workplace.

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Licensed Private Investigators

Our Licensed Private Investigators are adept at uncovering the truth about applicant history.


Mobile-Friendly Solutions

Our mobile-friendly platform increases the number of responses and cuts down the waiting period.



Use our ready-made set of questions or create your own to garner specific responses.

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Delivering Information You Trust Since 1989

We have a proven history of delivering a full suite of background screening solutions our clients can trust to make sound hiring decisions. We live by the value “Good, Better, Best... Never let it rest”. That’s why we provide robust services across many industries just like the big box vendors, but with friendly, attentive service and support. Plus, we’re privately owned — so we represent only our customers and employees.

Lies and Exaggerations
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Percentage of people who lie on their CVs that are caught
Faked Degrees
Number of educational websites that offer fraudulent degrees
False References
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Direct employers to family or friends instead of past employers
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Employment Verifications (Domestic & International)

Our expert team will attempt to verify the accuracy of all information provided by the applicant. This includes dates of employment, position held, full-time/part-time status, and eligibility for rehire. We also accept customized forms for questions.

Education Verifications (Domestic & International)

Talking to the correct person is key in getting truthful information about your applicant’s education. Our Licensed Private Investigators contact the school’s registrar’s office to obtain verification including school attended, dates of attendance, field of study, degree earned (if applicable) and date of graduation (or last attendance). We suggest verifying at least the highest degree completed.

Electronic Reference Surveys

This mobile-friendly solution helps you receive double the amount of references returned in a fraction of the time of traditional reference checks. The questions on reference surveys are also fully customizable.

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Industries We Serve

We help HR leaders, risk management professionals and other stakeholders across many industries proceed confidently with their new hires. We create confidence that organizations will mitigate risk as they seek to grow staff at a rapid pace or scale.

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Powerful, User-Friendly Technology Offers Next-Level User Experience

Data Facts offers an award-winning ordering platform, a wide array of ATS integrations, and a simple invoicing system, all of which are flexible and scalable. Our clients trust us to provide a seamless and intuitive experience from logging into the system until delivery. Data Facts successfully marries hands-on support and powerful technology to provide background screening reports that are complete, accurate, and thorough.


Why our Customers Love Us

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Director of Talent Acquisition at Major Retailer

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Discover the Data Facts Difference

There are many reasons why organizations all over the world trust their background screening to Data Facts. Our U.S. based, experienced staff, robust platform, platinum service, and powerful integration network are just a few of the ways we go above and beyond to partner with you.

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