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Data Facts Direct Small Business Portal

Do you run 100 or less background checks per year?

Our Data Facts Direct™ Small Business Portal is exactly what you need to run background checks on your candidates and current employees. Our mobile-friendly platform requires applicants to enter their own information and electronically sign authorizations and disclosures* — keeping your company in compliance.

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Trustworthy Data at Your Fingertips

Rely on over 30 years of experience with one of the most reputable background screening agencies in the business. We help you comply with the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) to run your checks. Our proprietary ExactCheck™ process is designed to return information on your candidate or employee using compliant and precise data.

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A Self-Service Model with No Additional Setup Fees.

Our online ordering platform can be accessed on any mobile device securely. Quickly order and receive your checks directly and improve your candidate experience. With Data Facts Direct™, you pay no additional setup fees or costly subscription fees for your checks. You pay for what you use with no minimum quantity orders.

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County Criminal Records

Find an applicant’s seven-year county criminal history and search felonies and misdemeanors in all counties, under all names revealed in the social security number trace. Information provided will include case number, arrest or file date, charge, disposition date and sentencing. All information provided will adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and states’ reporting guidelines.

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NCDS with Alias

The National Criminal Database search is an instant database search from millions of records and continuously updated sources. Data included varies from the different states and agencies contributing to the database. Not all counties or all states are included. Information generally includes some county data, State Department of Corrections files, Administrative Office of Courts as well as various national and international government agencies, sanctions, watchlists and wants & warrants.

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Social Security Number Trace & Address History

Provided with your subject’s social security number, we will match their number against various sources including a national database. This provides the names and addresses associated with that social security number to conduct the seven-year county criminal search. The Social Security Number Trace is used as an investigative tool to conduct the seven-year county criminal search.

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Sex Offenders Registry

All 50 states keep a sex offender registry. Since sex offenders frequently cross state lines, ordering this search helps you identify convicted sex offenders. This search is especially essential if your organization serves vulnerable populations like children, adults with disabilities, or the elderly.

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Motor Vehicle Records Search

Do you hire employees that need to operate a vehicle? Searches state’s Department of Motor Vehicles databases and informs you of administrative information such as type of license, issue and expiration dates, and restrictions. The search also uncovers information like violations, disciplinary actions, convictions, revocations, suspensions, and accidents.

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Federal District Criminal Search

A federal district criminal search is a seven-year search of the US Federal District Court for all criminal convictions under a specific jurisdiction. A federal crime may involve mail fraud, interstate drug trafficking, civil rights violations or some other federal matter. Docket information is available and will include case numbers, arrest or file dates, charge, disposition dates, disposition and sentencing. Limitations of this information exist due to the lack of identifiers in federal court files.

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Employment Verifications

Our team will attempt to verify the accuracy of all information provided by the applicant. Information will vary depending on what information your company selects based on its needs to make a hiring decision. Employment verifications include employment dates, position held, and eligibility for rehire. Some employers may direct us to a fee-based verification system, such as The Work Number, where additional fees will apply.

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Education Verifications

Our team will verify the degree earned or highest level completed, provided with the applicant’s name and the name of the institution. We can also verify dates of attendance, field of study and degree earned. Occasionally, we can obtain a GPA. Some schools outsource their data to third-party fee-based verification systems.

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*In order to stay compliant and protect your business, the Electronic Disclosures & Authorizations are required to be completed by the applicant using our online ordering platform (also available on mobile).

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Are you a single branch within a multi-location business or enterprise?

Contact our sales team to make sure the Data Facts Direct™ Small Business Portal is the best option for you.

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