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Are you confident in your new hires?

Criminal Records Search

Are you confident in your new hires? Identifying and analyzing criminal records are critical steps in assessing the risk of a job applicant. We provide fast turnaround times, the strongest customer service, and the most accurate information available in criminal background screening services.

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Exact Check™

Before any report is returned to a client, it cycles through multiple quality checkpoints to ensure accuracy.

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Our Approach

We use a common-sense approach, blending vetted technology with courthouse researchers to ensure accuracy.

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Delivering Information You Trust Since 1989

We have a proven history of delivering a full suite of background screening solutions our clients can trust to make sound hiring decisions. We live by the value “Good, Better, Best... Never let it rest”. That’s why we provide robust services across many industries just like the big box vendors, but with friendly, attentive service and support. Plus, we’re privately owned — so we represent only our customers and employees.

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National Criminal Records Search

The National Criminal Database search is an instant database search compiled of criminal information from more than 4,000 continuously updated sources and nearly 1 billion records.

We provide:

  • Standard searches from cities and states that add their criminal information to a database
  • Multijurisdictional criminal, 50-state sex offender registry
  • Terrorist watch list
  • SSN validation, SSN Trace with alias & address history
  • Wants & warrants
  • Financial sanctions (OFAC plus 200+ data sets)
  • Global sanctions (OIG/SAM plus 200+ data sets)
  • And much more

Some of the components of our National Criminal Database Search are:

  • Sex Offender Registries: All 50 states keep a sex offender registry. Since sex offenders frequently cross state lines, ordering this search (that is included in the Data Facts National Criminal Database Search) helps you identify convicted sex offenders. This search is especially essential if your organization serves vulnerable populations like children or the elderly.
  • Social Security Trace: Tracks down all addresses associated with your applicant’s social. This may identify areas that were not originally targeted to search.
  • Department of Corrections: Gain access to the Department of Corrections files through our National Criminal Database Search.
  • Terrorist Watch List Searches
  • Federal Exempt List

Federal Criminal Records Search

Federal criminal records are housed in the US Federal Government’s PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) criminal record system, which is the online portal that Data Facts uses to obtain case information from the 94 Federal District Court jurisdictions.

Federal criminal offenses fall into the following categories:

  • Crimes against federal employees (postal carriers, TSA employees, etc.)
  • Crimes committed on federal land (e.g., national parks)
  • Bank robberies (all banks are protected by the FDIC)
  • Commissions of crimes across state lines (e.g., a kidnapping occurring in CA which crosses into NV, large-scale conspiracies)
  • Drug cases involving large distribution network(s)
  • Child Pornography (internet allows for transmission across state and country borders)
  • Embezzlement
  • Other crimes that fall outside state and local jurisdictions

International Searches

Gain access to criminal record information (varies from country to country) from 190+ countries across 6 continents. Turn around time varies by country.

Arrest Alert™ Arrest Monitoring

Our Arrest Alert™ arrest monitoring delivers unique incarceration insights powered by the nation’s most comprehensive source of booking records. This dataset–with more than 1 million new records each month–provides you with the most comprehensive criminal search solution available.

Key Benefits:

  • Millions of records not found in any other commercial criminal database
  • Extensive historical records, reaching back further than other datasets
  • Criminal activity updated in today’s search

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Industries We Serve

We help HR leaders, risk management professionals and other stakeholders across many industries proceed confidently with their new hires. We create confidence that organizations will mitigate risk as they seek to grow staff at a rapid pace or scale.

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Technology paired with high-touch services to deliver optimal criminal records search processes.

Data Facts offers an award-winning ordering platform, a wide array of ATS integrations, and a simple invoicing system, all of which are flexible and scalable. Our clients trust us to provide a seamless and intuitive experience from logging into the system until delivery. Data Facts successfully marries hands-on support and powerful technology to provide background screening reports that are complete, accurate, and thorough.


Why our Customers Love Us

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Discover the Data Facts Difference

There are many reasons why organizations all over the world trust their background screening to Data Facts. Our U.S. based, experienced staff, robust platform, platinum service, and powerful integration network are just a few of the ways we go above and beyond to partner with you.

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