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July 8, 2024

Celebrating 35 Years of Data Facts: An Interview with EVP Lisa May

Lisa May is the Executive Vice President of the global background screening company Data Facts. She is responsible for managing the marketing department, working with sales initiatives to increase company growth, maintaining a small book of enterprise account relationships, and securing and strengthening strategic partnerships with vendors.

May is also a significant part of the Executive Leadership team responsible for molding the company vision, setting long term company goals, and making high-level decisions.

This year, May celebrates her 28th anniversary at Data Facts. During her time there, she has contributed significantly to the company's growth and success through sales, operations, marketing, and management roles.

Before joining Data Facts, May gained valuable experience working at a mortgage company during her college summers and held positions at NBC Bank in Memphis and Leader Federal Mortgage. She answered an ad for a Sales Representative position for Data Facts and the rest, as they say, is history.

May loves sales and looks back on her time as a representative fondly. "My favorite part of being a salesperson was building mutually beneficial relationships. Data Facts has active clients I originally worked with almost 20 years ago! There’s nothing more rewarding than understanding a client's needs and finding the perfect solution for them. Knowing I played a part in their success is incredibly fulfilling.”

During her sales tenure, May won the company’s Eagle Award (Salesperson of the Year) 4 times. She was also a recipient of Data Facts’ highest award (The Diamond Award). Her performance made her a natural choice when the Sales Manager position opened.

New to management, May had to learn how to effectively train, motivate, and mentor other team members into a cohesive unit. It was a challenge. “I was managing two different departments and lots of people. We had a small budget, especially compared to our large, corporate competitors. We had to fight to stay relevant”

Her passion for sales and her dedication to her clients have been pivotal to her success. She values the commitment to excellence at Data Facts, stating, "There are so many positive things I could say about working at Data Facts. What I appreciate most is the sense of family and commitment to excellence. Over the years, I've seen how our team supports each other and continually strives to provide the best service to our clients. It's this collaborative environment that keeps all of us focused on the common goal. Our company culture makes coming to work every day so rewarding."

Working for a women-owned enterprise (Data Facts is WBENC certified) inspired May. She reflects, "I’m honored to work for a women-owned enterprise. It's empowering to be part of an organization that values diversity and inclusion and champions female leadership at all levels. Here, women are encouraged to lead and succeed, which fosters a unique sense of community and collaboration. It demonstrates that with determination and hard work, we can break barriers and set new standards of excellence in our industry. This culture has been a significant factor in my professional growth and the company's year-over-year success."

Data Facts turns 35 years old in July 2024. Since opening their doors, uncountable changes have occurred in the background screening industry and in business in general. May rolled with the new trends by being adaptable. “I've always believed that you can never stop learning. To keep my skill set relevant, I immersed myself in the changing technology trends wherever I could. I made it a priority to attend HR Technology Conferences regularly, which provided invaluable insights into the latest advancements and trends. I’ve also made a point to attend Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA, formerly NAPBS) training as often as possible.”

“Additionally, I built strategic partnerships with our vendors to learn everything they knew, which helped me stay ahead of the curve. Even with the huge tech advances, I always focused on understanding and anticipating what our customers needed to give them peace of mind and help their processes run smoother.”

What advice would May give to those starting out at Data Facts? "Be curious and proactive. Take the time to learn about every aspect of the company and our industry. Don't hesitate to ask questions to experienced colleagues. Build strong relationships with your team and clients, as trust and collaboration are key to success here. Lastly, stay adaptable and open to new challenges because change ALWAYS happens eventually. Embrace opportunities where you can learn and grow and always be willing to pitch in. Use every experience at Data Facts as a step toward achieving your professional goals."

Lisa May's professional journey with Data Facts is a testament to her dedication, adaptability, passion, and commitment to excellence. Her leadership, resourcefulness, and vision continue to drive the company's success, fostering a collaborative and empowering environment for employees, clients, and vendors.

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