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June 8, 2021

Data Facts Announces Partnership with Gray Peak Hire

email_GPH_pressrelease_promo Data Facts, a national and international provider of background screening solutions, recently announced they have solidified a partnership with software provider Gray Peak Hire.

ire.Gray Peak offers a complete talent acquisition platform. Their offering eliminates the burden of utilizing several independent applications to support the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding needs of an organization. Their recruiting technology is 100% mobile, allowing employers to recruit & hire on the go. Text recruiting, video recorded interviews and assessments, hosting live virtual interviews, electronic onboarding, creating mass messaging outreach campaigns, and more are all accessible in one application via a single fully configurable dashboard. This results in a consistent, streamlined, and effective process.

Jessica Scifo, Gray Peak’s Director of Software Services, comments on the partnership. “We are focused on assisting employers reduce their time-to-hire and providing them with tools to help them choose the best candidates. Data Facts’ goals align with ours, which is why we are such a great fit.”

Data Facts is also happy to bring this new offering to their background screening clients and prospects. “We strive to make our process as simple and fluid as possible. This strategic partnership will give organizations the ability to order Data Facts background checks and drug and health screening solutions through Gray Peak’s platform. This solution will optimize recruiting workflows and improve compliance. The partnership is designed to help customers streamline their workforce acquisition process,” commentsLisa May, the Senior Vice President of Strategic Solutions for Data Facts.

The seamless integration is now available to all Data Facts clients.

About Gray Peak Hire
Gray Peak Hire, headquartered in Lake Worth, Florida, is a software provider that offers a complete talent acquisition platform. Our mission is to help our customers connect, meet, and hire the right talent. We are focused on changing the dynamics of the recruiting process, radically reducing the time it takes to fill positions and significantly improving the ability to identify and select quality candidates.

About Data Facts
For over three decades, Data Facts’ background screening solutions have provided clients with innovative, transformational technology and a personalized customer experience. This 360-degree support system is the foundation of our client relationships. Experience the fastest turnaround times, the strongest customer service, and the most accurate information available in background screening with Data Facts… because you deserve a better experience.

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