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November 2, 2022

Data Facts Offers Drug Screening Policy-Writing Service to Employers

Data Facts recently announced a new drug screening policy-writing service available to their background screening clients. By partnering with the long-time drug screening industry experts at Current Consulting Group, the new service helps employers draft a thorough policy for executing drug and alcohol screening. 

Clients who take advantage of this opportunity receive a hands-on experience. The policy writers spend significant time accurately identifying the client’s objectives, customizing the policy content, and ensuring compliance with all applicable state laws and federal regulations. 

Data Facts Executive Vice President, Lisa May, explains why this service is a timely and relevant addition to the company’s solution suite. “The rules regarding drug testing are changing rapidly. It is hard for employers to keep up with them all. If your drug screening process is outdated, your company could be out of compliance, making it a prime target for an expensive lawsuit. We are thrilled to partner with Current Consulting Group, as they are the most knowledgeable, experienced professionals in the industry.” 

“Many of our clients have requested assistance with navigating these complex and ever-changing laws,” May continues. “With our new service, we customize an employer’s policy to the organization and the specific states where it operates. Our goal is to help companies stay in compliance with drug screening and monitoring regulations while still mitigating their hiring risk and protecting their workplace.” 

“Current Consulting Group specializes in providing an impressive lineup of compliance support services,” said Bill Current, President and Founder of the Current Consulting Group. “Our services include drug testing and background screening policy development, supervisor training and employee education courses, and the industry’s most comprehensive on-line database of state drug testing laws.”  

“Current Consulting Group is now in its 25th year,” Current added. “And in a 2022 survey of employee screening providers we were voted the #1 recognized brand in drug testing consulting.” 

“We are excited to be working with Data Facts to provide the compliance services employers need to make their drug testing programs effective and complete. Our policy, training and state law services will be a great compliment Data Facts’ full suite of employee screening services.” 

In addition, the partnership with Current Consulting has opened the door for Data Facts to offer subscription packages to their clients. Subscriptions enable employers to access a comprehensive, up-to-date, fully searchable on-line database of state laws that affect workplace drug testing. The subscription packages are affordable for both single-state small businesses and large, multi-state corporations.  

About Current Consulting Group 

Current Consulting Group, founded by Bill Current in 1998, was identified in a survey of its peers as the number one recognized brand in drug testing consulting. We specialize in helping providers market their services, promote their brand, and win new business, as well as assist them in helping their clients comply with all applicable drug and alcohol testing laws and regulations.   

Lisa May

Lisa May is the Executive Vice President for Data Facts.

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