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October 3, 2023

Data Facts Partners with Soulstice Dating: Making Dating Safer

Data Facts announces their partnership with Soulstice Dating, an app for a safe, curated, and stress-free dating experience.

In the world of online dating, technology such as dating apps and match sites may offer many benefits, but they also present risks such as misrepresentation, catfishing, and potentially even compromising a user's privacy and safety. Individuals may exaggerate or plain lie about their personal attributes, and the anonymity given by online dating may encourage some people to present themselves in an untruthful manner. 

Safety and authenticity are at the core of Soulstice Dating. As part of their commitment to the protection and well-being of their users, Soulstice has partnered with Data Facts for comprehensive background checks and social media screening. This meticulous process ensures that users interact with genuine individuals who value transparency and sincerity.

"Soulstice Dating is exhilarated to announce our partnership with Data Facts," says Soulstice Founder Jason Jackson, "This collaboration underscores our commitment to offering our clients the pinnacle of safety in dating, encompassing meticulous social media screenings and thorough background checks. As we approach our monumental launch, we're confident that this union will elevate the standard of trust and transparency in the dating ecosystem."

Lisa May, Data Facts’ Executive Vice President, agrees. "We are excited to support Soulstice in their mission to offer their clients a safer dating experience unlike anything on the market, enhanced by the use of background checks. At Data Facts we are dedicated to giving people peace of mind that they are making the right hiring decisions, and screening a potential date should be no different. A thorough background screening process provides that peace of mind that has been missing from online dating."

About Soulstice
Soulstice delivers a regulated and safe dating experience that stimulates genuine in-person conversations and promotes soulmate discovery over shallow swipes. With tiered membership options, comprehensive background checks, a unique matching algorithm, photo-ID verification, curated pre-paid dates, and GPS-based check-ins/outs, we prioritize genuine connections and user safety throughout.

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