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Data Facts Direct™

Protecting your business has never been easier

Even small businesses need to ensure that they’re making smart hiring decisions. With Data Facts Direct™, you’ll get an easy background check solution that helps you reach decisions made on well-rounded, accurate information.

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Helping You Hire the Right Talent

As a small business owner, you’ve worked hard to create and establish your business. Hiring candidates that will progress and maintain your brand reputation can be easier than you think.

Data Facts DirectTM is a screening solution that gives you all the background reporting services of Data Facts but at a smaller scale. You can proactively protect your workplace and confidently hire the best person for the position based on our accurate background reporting.


Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Comprehensive and accurate, our background screening technology gathers information from a state and national level to provide you with the most accurate information available.

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Reach candidates the way they like to be reached.

Our mobile and text-friendly platform is a powerful digital application that drives hiring efficiency and assists in obtaining consent for background checks. This secure and self-configurable application delivery system is compatible across any smart device. Candidates receive an electronic invitation via email or text. The candidate inputs their data*, ensuring accuracy, and receives a confirmation of completion.


How many background checks do you run?

Are you a single branch within a multi-location business or enterprise? Contact our sales team to make sure the Data Facts Direct™ Small Business Portal is the best option for you.

*In order to stay compliant and protect your business, the Electronic Disclosures & Authorizations are required to be completed by the applicant using our online ordering platform (also available on mobile).

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Ready to get started?

Our online ordering platform can be accessed on any mobile device securely. Quickly order and receive your checks directly and improve your candidate experience. With Data Facts Direct™, you pay no additional setup fees or costly subscription fees for your checks.

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