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Susan McCullah is the Marketing Project Manager for Data Facts Background Screening Division.
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HR's Recipe for A Successful Background Screening Process

Posted by Susan McCullah

Jan 18, 2022 10:45:28 AM

Trained chefs know what makes a successful meal, and HR Pros know what makes a successful background screening process. With both, you need the right tools, the best ingredients, attention to detail, and great presentation.

If you miss an ingredient in cooking, your finished product may be flat, dull, and tasteless. Miss an important part of your background screening process, and you could be on the hook for costly and embarrassing litigation, increased turnover, and even fines for not complying with employment laws.

We’ve laid out HR’s recipe for a successful background screening process. Follow it to create a masterpiece!

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Topics: Employment screening policy, background check, criminal records search, HR Professionals, salary history question, background screening process

Background Screening: What to Start Doing, Stop Doing, Keep Doing

Posted by Susan McCullah

Jan 4, 2022 12:16:44 PM

In business, change is constant. Staying abreast of trends, laws, and overall best practices is key in running a company, especially for HR pros.

If it’s been a while since you’ve revisited your background screening process, you might have dangerous holes in it, and portions of it may have fallen out of favor in recent years. These are both scenarios that can get you sued!

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Topics: background screening company, FCRA, adverse action procedures, Employer hot topics, background checks, salary history question, background screening process, diversity equity and inclusion, Second Chance Law

Is that Santa or A Sex Offender? Conducting Thorough Background Checks

Posted by Susan McCullah

Dec 7, 2021 8:39:18 AM

HR is tasked with making sure the company runs smoothly, positions are filled, and employees are productive and engaged. Hiring the wrong person can create havoc in the workplace and even make it unsafe. Conducting thorough background checks can minimize this risk.

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Topics: background screening company, background screen, background check, background checks, background check services, workplace safety

I Need It NOW! Proceed Cautiously When Using Instant Criminal Searches

Posted by Susan McCullah

Nov 16, 2021 11:51:33 AM

We live in the age of instant. From texts, pictures, videos, to finding the name of the oldest Full House kid, information and communication are at our fingertips, available in seconds. 

Why do employers get so excited about the idea of an instant criminal searches? 

We hear about them everyday from clients, and competitors constantly tout instant criminal records searches returned in seconds. As great as these instant background screening searches sound, they come with limitations you need to know about. Employers who trust these searches implicitly are setting themselves and their companies up for potential issues. 

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Topics: Background screening, Criminal records, criminal records search, background report

HR Technology: Why Mobile-Centric Solutions Are the Answer

Posted by Susan McCullah

Nov 2, 2021 11:37:39 AM

In the past few years, mobile capabilities have moved from the “want” to the “must have” list for companies. In fact, businesses are thriving and operating with a higher level of productivity by evolving their processes from traditionally-focused to mobile-centric.

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Topics: candidate experience, mobile technology, hr technology

The Ultimate Guide to Screening Your Vendors

Posted by Susan McCullah

Oct 5, 2021 9:37:04 AM

Efficient vendor management benefits companies in several ways. It can increase productivity, decrease downtime and supply chain issues, and reduce overall operating costs. Plus, it can eliminate a bunch of HR headaches!

A pivotal part of a successful vendor management process starts at the beginning with vendor screening. Just like your job applicants, vendors should be put through a series of screening checks so you can be confident about their ability to deliver the quality products you need.

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Topics: third party vendor, Employer hot topics, Vendor Management, Human Resources

Hiring Remote Employees without Damaging Company Culture

Posted by Susan McCullah

Jun 22, 2021 12:36:25 PM

Many articles and books tout the importance of company culture. These are on-point in that a positive culture fosters productivity and efficiency, and decreases low morale and employee turnover. A toxic or negative culture can dramatically increase employee exits and disengagement, both of which contribute to low productivity and lack of employee creativity.

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Topics: background checks, company culture, remote workforce

Knock Out Your Risks When Hiring High-Level Executives

Posted by Susan McCullah

Jun 2, 2021 11:27:29 AM

Hiring the best applicant is important, but there should be more weight focused on executive-level hires. For one thing, they will be at the company’s helm, driving vision and planning goals.your another, executive employees are watched more closely by the media than their lower-level counterparts. The news is full of Presidents and CFO’s who have faked degrees, lied about their experience, or been involved in unsavory behavior. A single act of bad judgment on their parts could negatively affect your company for months, or years, down the road.

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Topics: social media screening, Background screening, executive hiring, Best Practices, Hiring Top Talent

Around the World in A Day: Screening Your International Job Candidates

Posted by Susan McCullah

May 10, 2021 10:25:03 AM

When it comes to hiring the best employees possible, background checks are essential. However, employers must realize that many applicants have spent time in other countries. Failing to conduct background screening for those time periods could cause you to miss important information like criminal convictions. That’s why international background screening is more important than ever before.

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Topics: Pre-employment screening, background screening company, background checks, international background screening

An Ode to Background Screening

Posted by Susan McCullah

Apr 29, 2021 10:30:00 AM

April is designated as National Poetry Month. Usually when people think of poetry, their thoughts go toward love, nature, life, and sorrow. However, poems can be used to describe and celebrate just about anything you're passionate about!

Data Facts has been in the background screening industry since 1989. We are passionate about providing consistent, reliable information our clients can trust and use to reach the best hiring decisions for their companies. That's why we decided to write an ode to background screening. We hope you enjoy it! 

An Ode to Background Screening

What helps businesses hire the people they need,

While avoiding violence, lies, mistruths, and greed,

With information they wouldn’t have otherwise seen?

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Topics: background screen, background check, background report, National Poetry Month

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~~Susan McCullah is the Marketing Project Manager/ Background Screening Division for Data Facts, Inc, a 25 year old Memphis based company. Data Facts Inc -an NAPBS accredited company- is a leading provider of employment screening solutions. Check out our website for a complete explanation of our services.