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When evaluating business credit, the ability to make the right decisions is only as good as the data driving those decisions. Since past performance is highly indicative of future risk, Data Facts partnerships enables us to provide business credit reports with the detailed insight you need to make wise business decisions. 


Q. Why would I use a Business to Business Experian Report?

When companies fill out a credit application they will give you three (3) references and a bank, the majority of companies have 3 creditors that they keep current to make sure they can get good references. When using the Experian report you are getting information from other companies such as yourself that are NOT handpicked references.

Q. Are the regulations the same as consumer reports?

No they are not. Business Credit does not have the rules that consumer credit has.

Q. Do I have to have permission to use a B2B report? Do I need a signed credit application?

No you do not but you should have a genuine interest in doing business with the company that you are checking on, or attempting to collect a past due bill/debt.

Q. Am I only going to receive trade data?

You will receive Identifying information, Matching name and address, Corporate Linkage (if available), the credit score, collections, Tax Lien, Judgments and Bankruptcy Information. Monthly payment trends and the industry DBT to make a comparison, quarterly payment trends, inquiries, UCC Filings, if any are cautionary. Banking, Insurance Bond, Company Background and Key facts information.

Q. What if it is a new company with no credit history?

You have the option to use the Business Owner Profile information if you have permissible purpose and the company is not a corporation.

Q. Do I need a Social Security number for the BOP report?

If you have permissible purpose or a personal guarantee you can use the name and address of the Owner to receive the BOP report.

Experian Business IQ

Business IQ - Intelligent Decisions

BusinessIQ provides credit professionals with an integrated, easy to use, web-based interface to Experian information, including analysis and decisioning tools designed to maximize the benefits of the information across the lifecycle of your customers.

The platform is organized into the following modules: 

  • Core Credit - Accelerate your research and quickly pull credit reports & scores. Find the business you need to pull a report and make a credit decision, while proactively monitoring the health of your entire portfolio.
  • Decisioning - Set up a credit policy and receive consistent credit decisions. Also provided are recommended credit limits.
  • Alerts - Check for alerts on your monitored accounts under the alerts tab. Triggers will be delivered back to you based on your threshold settings.
  • Portfolio Analysisis made up of six (6) sections:     
  • Summary and Performance is made up of Indicators, Credit Limit, Credit Utilization, Total Balance, Delinquency and Outstanding Balance at Risk.
  • Risk & Aging is made up of the Intelliscore, Days Beyond Terms (DBT) and Delinquency/Aging.
  • Concentration is made up of Industry, Geography/Region, Size of Business and Years in Business.
  • Trends are made up of the Intelliscore, DBT, Credit Limit and Credit Utilization.
    , is made up of Industry and Region.
  • Exposure is made up of a list of companies with Corporate Linkage.

Collections - Combines the researching capabilities of the Collections Recovery Tool (CRT) with the targeting capabilities of the Delinquency Notification Service (DNS).

*Pricing is based on volume and a number of other factors.  Please contact sales at 901.685.7599 or to get a quote for your specific needs.


BCR Solutions Suite

Advantage PRO

Data Facts is proud to offer a cutting edge report to assist in your business decisioning needs. Data Facts' Business Credit Report is a blend of 3 of the top business credit reports (D&B, Experian, and Edgar), resulting in a commercial credit report that minimizes your lending risk.

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Advantage Pro includes D&B demographics, trade and PAYDEX Score; Experian trade data, public record, UCC’s, collections, Secretary of State and corporate linkage; Equifax trade and OFAC data;  EDGAR Financials; Recommended Credit Limit, Credit Logic Score, Business Failure Risk Score, Data Depth Score, Fraud Flags, Google Maps and free monitoring alerts for 12 months.

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*Pricing is based on volume and a number of other factors. Please contact sales at 901.685.7599 or to get a quote for your specific needs.

BusinessIQ - Intelligent Decisions

CCR Solutions











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