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May 6, 2024

HHM Hotels Inspires with Environmental Advocacy & Community Outreach

Data Facts is a technology-driven company built for people, about people, by people. We are devoted to corporate philanthropy and hold our business clients who share this commitment in high regard. Our “People First” spotlight highlights innovative, actionable programs founded by our clients that allocate resources to give back and make a difference. Our goal with the “People First” spotlight series is to focus on our foundational belief that good corporate citizens are essential in creating healthy, safe, thriving communities.

Data Facts and HHM Hotels (Formerly Hersha Hospitality Management)

Data Facts has served as HHM Hotels’ background screening partner for over a decade. During that time, they have conducted thousands of background checks to help HHM make informed, smart hiring decisions.

About HHM Hotels

Boasting over 30 years of experience, HHM Hotels is the preferred operator for 240 hotels in the United States and Canada. The company provides turn-key hospitality, management, and branding expertise and operates a coast-to-coast of hotels.

The company has been an environmental advocate for years, practicing “green” operating initiatives that reduce waste and its carbon footprint. They continuously evaluate innovative solutions like energy-efficient lighting, water-saving programs, and in-room energy-management systems.

How HHM Hotels Impacts Its Communities

Joe Heck, the VP of People Support for HHM Hotels, recently sat down and talked about the organization’s initiatives to give back to the communities they serve.

“HHM Hotels focuses on community and sustainability in all we do. This includes how we operate our business and the initiatives we embrace.”

One such project helps to provide clean water to communities around the globe. “We partner with to help implement clean water in towns and villages that may not currently have access. We do this by donating $1 for every water bottle sold in our hotel rooms.” Since its launch in 2014, the organization has built more than 115 wells in various communities. The result? Over 500,000 people now have access to clean water.

Some of HHM Hotels’ corporate philanthropy focuses on the specific communities they serve.

“Each hotel is encouraged to find a local partner to help make a difference to the local citizens,” explains Heck. “This ensures that our efforts have the most impact on that specific city or neighborhood. Some of the local projects we’ve been involved in are helping food banks, providing high-school student mentorships, park clean-ups, and cooking meals for home-bound residents.”

HHM Hotels maintains a culture of giving back, and their employees are active participants. “HHM employees have volunteered for over 20,300 hours since we started tracking the time in 2015,” says Heck. “They get involved at the grassroots level where they can see an immediate impact.”

HHM Hotels is an organization that focuses on improving every community where they’re located and the world on a global scale. Heck ends with, “We plan to maintain our long-standing partnerships with groups like while always being on the lookout for ways to practice sustainability and good corporate citizenship.”

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