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September 19, 2023

People First Spotlight: Monogram Foods Loves Kids Foundation

Data Facts, a technology-driven company built for people, about people, by people, is devoted to corporate philanthropy. We hold our business clients that share this commitment in high esteem. Our “People First” spotlight pays homage to innovative, actionable programs created by our clients that give back to their communities. Our goal with the “People First” spotlight series is to focus on our foundational belief that to truly be successful, companies must be positive corporate citizens.

Data Facts and Monogram Foods

Since 2016, Monogram Foods has partnered with background screening company Data Facts for their pre-employment screening needs. The company’s unwavering commitment to the communities it serves makes them a natural choice for Data Facts’ “People First” spotlight.

Monogram Foods Loves Kids Foundation

Monogram Foods is a strategic food manufacturer focused on co-manufacturing, private label, and foodservice channels throughout the United States. With 13 manufacturing facilities and more than 4000 employees, the company is an award-winning, highly regarded organization and employer. One of its company values also happens to be “People First, Team Always.”

The Monogram Foods Loves Kids Foundation (MFLK) was born in 2012 from the company’s passion for helping children and their families combat financial and other life challenges.

Liz McKee, Monogram Foods’ Director of Corporate Communications, sat down with us recently to share how the MFLK Foundation makes a difference in the communities it serves.

What Does MFLK Foundation Do?

The Foundation provides several avenues of assistance via grants to local non-profit organizations that address childhood challenges such as poverty, education, and general well-being. McKee explains that “we offer an Annual Grants Program for local organizations in the cities and towns where Monogram Foods is located. The Foundation looks for initiatives where our assistance can have the most impact on the community’s children.”

Who Is Involved in MFLK?

Monogram Foods’ inclusive culture extends to the Foundation. “Our grants are funded by our company owners, our team members, and our suppliers,” says McKee. “Monogram employees can participate through a voluntary payroll giving program. This makes it easy for us to give back to our own communities, and every dollar counts.”

Donations aren’t the only way staff participates. “Many of our initiatives, like our annual fundraiser, the “Meat in Memphis Gala” are primarily volunteer-run to minimize costs and maximize giving dollars so we can have a bigger impact on our communities. Our team members are heavily involved in these events. They also serve as members of the local Grant Selection Committees to determine which organizations are awarded grant funding.”

How Does MFLK Decide Who to Assist?

MFLK awards grants once a year. 501c3 organizations that meet vital needs of local children and their families may apply for the grants. The Select Committee in each of our locations chooses the recipients. “Monogram wants our team members who live and work in these communities to be directly involved in the process of selecting the organizations,” McKee explains. “Once the grant applications are submitted, local employees select which non-profits receive grant money. Each location has $60,000 to give, and our typical grants range from $500 to $10,000, depending on the need.”

In addition to grants, MFLK contributes to worthy causes in its communities in other ways that are often based on specific community needs. McKee recalls an example of MFLK Foundation’s commitment to serving children and promoting a more inclusive community. “Our Wisconsin facility is in a community with a significant Hmong population. The Foundation donated the funds to provide cultural meals in schools. This initiative helped Hmong children feel comfortable and included while also exposing the other kids to cultural diversity.”

What Impact Has the MFLK Foundation Had on Its Communities?

Since its inception in 2012, the Foundation has raised more than $16 million dollars for hundreds of non-profits across the company’s footprint.

The Foundation’s main impact areas are:

  • 28% Health and Wellness
  • 25% Literacy
  • 17% Other
  • 14% Hunger
  • 12% Special Needs or Disabilities
  • 4% Housing Insecurity

A few of the many worthy organizations that were awarded grants from the MFLK Foundation in 2022 were LoveWay Inc. in Bristol IN, Luverne Backpack Program in Chandler NM, Dorothy Day House in Memphis TN, Yellow Door Foundation in Martinsville VA, and HART Equine Therapeutic Center in Plover WI.

Visit Monogram Food’s website to learn more about the Monogram Foods Loves Kids Foundation.

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