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April 29, 2021

An Ode to Background Screening

An Ode to Background Screening by Data FactsApril is designated as National Poetry Month. Usually when people think of poetry, their thoughts go toward love, nature, life, and sorrow. However, poems can be used to describe and celebrate just about anything you're passionate about!

Data Facts has been in the background screening industry since 1989. We are passionate about providing consistent, reliable information our clients can trust and use to reach the best hiring decisions for their companies. That's why we decided to write an ode to background screening. We hope you enjoy it! 

An Ode to Background Screening

What helps businesses hire the people they need,

While avoiding violence, lies, mistruths, and greed,

With information they wouldn’t have otherwise seen?

It's a good solid background screen.

Choosing a “bad hire” can cause issues galore,

Damage your brand, company culture, and more,

That’s why smart HR Pros stack the deck,

By using a thoroughly reported background check.

Criminal records, drug use, employment, and education,

All important aspects of the hiring situation,

Knowing about issues up front is why HR should resort,

To ordering a complete background report.

Moving violations, a social media snafu,

These could also be detrimental for you,

Hiring employees without risking your neck,

Is easier when you use a background check.

Decrease turnover, protect your company’s reputation,

Avoid throwing “bad hires” into the workplace equation,

Each of the above is a direct effect,

Of a compliantly researched background check.

Gaining access beyond what the candidate will share,

Goes a long way in making you aware,

Of information that shows the candidate falls short,

Which is why you should use a complete background report.

Remember! Background screening should be left to the pros,

Compliance, adjudication, reliable sources, they know!

An accredited vendor is your best bet,

To receive an accurate, complete background check.

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