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March 3, 2015

Are Your Hiring Process Safeguards As Safe As You Think?

Question: “Do you screen job candidates by performing background checks?” 

Good answer “Yes”.


It is currently estimated over 90% of companies perform some degree of background checks before hiring an applicant. Utilizing a screening program can protect a company from the risk of bad hires.

So, if the answer is “yes”, the company is protected, right?

Not if you are failing to screen for drug use.

Drug use in the United States is rising, and this is being felt in no greater arena than in the  American workplace.

It’s critical to put hiring process safeguards in place to “weed out” all drug abusing applicants BEFORE hiring them. Here’s why:

  • Unproductive. Drug users are more likely to miss work, and be less productive and focused. While the cost of these actions is difficult to quantify, it can add up to lots of dollars down the drain.
  • Lose customers. An unproductive employee may mishandle customer requests, needs, and complaints, causing disgruntled customers to take their business elsewhere. These losses can greatly impact the bottom line.
  • Create legal issues.  If an impaired employee causes an accident or injury, the resulting lawsuits, workers comp claims, and property damage could devastate a business .
  • The co-worker costs. Drug abusing employee can strangle the productivity. Knowing other employees are abusing drugs can bring down morale. Workers feel pressure to redo work or cover for a drug abusing co-worker. The top producing employees may become disgruntled and leave.

Utilizing drug screening during the pre-employment screening process is an integral part of today’s hiring process. It’s important to make certain ALL candidates submit to drug screening as part of their background checks. Putting these hiring process safeguards into place can reduce the risk of lawsuits, bad press, and safety issues.

Let this be your company!

Question: “Do you screen job candidates by performing background checks?” 

Best answer: “Yes, and our pre-employment screening process also includes thorough drug screening of each applicant.”

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