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I Need It NOW! Proceed Cautiously When Using Instant Criminal Searches

HR Technology: Why Mobile-Centric Solutions Are the Answer

The Ultimate Guide to Screening Your Vendors

Connecticut Passes Salary Range Disclosure Law, Effective October 1

Louisiana's New Fair Chance Law Went into Effect August 1, 2021

New Maine Law Set to Prohibit Employers from Asking About Applicant's Criminal History

Philadelphia: New Ordinance Prohibits Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing

New "Second Chance Law" Passed in Arizona

Hiring Remote Employees without Damaging Company Culture

EEOC Says Employers Can Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines, but Tread Carefully

Knock Out Your Risks When Hiring High-Level Executives

Around the World in A Day: Screening Your International Job Candidates

An Ode to Background Screening

Illinois Tightens Restrictions on Use of Criminal Checks in Hiring

Why the Easter Bunny Would Never Pass A Background Check

When Social Media Screening Works...and When It Doesn't

Smart Ways to Honor Women's History Month in March

New York City Council Expands Fair Chance Act

5 Background Check Mistakes that Can Derail Your 2021 Hiring Success

Colorado Salary History Question Ban in Effect

ICE Extends I-9 Form Flexibility to Jan. 31, 2021

Background Screening Trends that Are Either IN or OUT for 2021

The Big Winner of Election 2020: Marijuana

Is Your Driver Screening and Monitoring Process on the Right Road?

Colorado Employers! Prepare for Equal Pay Act Compliance by Jan 2021

Top 10 List for Hiring (and Keeping) High-Quality Talent

Athens to Zanzibar: How Are You Screening International Candidates?

10 Reasons HR Should Background Check Current Employees

They're Heeeere! The No-Holds-Barred Truth About Hiring Gen Z

Rise Above the Fray and Land the Best Seasonal Workers

Filling Seats: How to Counteract Boomers’ Exits

ICE Extends I-9 Flexibility to November 19, 2020

7 Questions Your Background Screener Should Be Able to Answer for You

Do Your Background Checks Cost Too Much? Read This

Quotes from Famous People that Relate to HR

Accountability in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

North Carolina Decides to "Ban the Box"

The Nitty Gritty of Background Screening Adverse Action Procedures

Background Checks: COVID-19 Testing & Monitoring Returning Employees

Reinventing Your Workforce; HR's Post-Shutdown Options

Tell Me No Lies…In the Interview

Employers Must Know These Things About COVID-19 and the ADA

Robots and AI…Oh My! Why HR's Future Is Steeped in Automation

COVID-19 Regulatory Updates

HR's Gameplan for Handling the Salary History Question

10 Predictions on How COVID-19 Will Permanently Affect the Workplace

Alternate Screening Solutions Employers Should Probably be Using

I-9 Requirements to Verify Identity Relaxed May 1, 2020

Employment Screening and FCRA Addressed by 9th Circuit Case

Spring Clean Your Hiring Docs: How Long Should You Keep 'Em?

Cincinnati OH Prohibited Salary History Question

Bob and Weave: Changes to Keep HR Effective During COVID-19

DHS Relaxes I-9 Requirements Due to COVID-19

Hiring During the COVID-19 Pandemic? How to Keep It On Track

Crafting A Reasonable Social Media Policy for Employees

How to Handle Not Hiring Applicants Because of the Background Check

HR’s Ultimate Background Screening Checklist

7 Tips for Hiring and Engaging Remote Employees for Culture Fit

Illinois Enacts Workplace Transparency Act, Effective January 1, 2020

Hiring Criminals: Crafting A Screening Process to Address Low Unemployment

Ban the Box: Background Screening Update in Maryland

The Essential Guide to License Monitoring for Healthcare Professionals

Spooky Hiring Situations for Halloween 2019

Changes in Legislation that Affects Background Screening

The Technology Side of Background Screening HR Must Know

Colorado Enacts ‘Ban the Box’ Legislation Effective September 2019

7 Things HR Professionals Need to Know About Choosing the Best Vendors

New York City Bans Pre-Employment Testing for Marijuana Use

Automated Tools HR Needs to Understand

Social Media Background Checks: Are They Okay?Ask #HR Bartender

How to Rock Your Candidate Experience in 2019

7 Smart 2019 Background Screening Resolutions HR Should Make NOW

Confusing Background Check Disclosures Can Result in Employer Compliance FCRA Trouble!

Be A Hiring Ham: Audit Your Hiring Process Now for 2019 Success

Why HR Should Add Driver Screening to Their Hiring Process

Should You Incorporate Social Media in Your Background Check Services?

Protect Your Senior Care Facility from Lawsuits and Be Prepared for the Possible Future:Begin Developing Your Nursing Home’s Resident Criminal Background Check Processes

Employment Laws: Vermont Employers Can't Ask About Salary History

Washington Ban-The-Box Law Limits Criminal Background Checks

April Fool's Jokes Job Applicants Pull Year Round

Avoid Hiring Lawsuits with Background Checks: The ABC's

Driver Screening: Is Your Company's Biggest Risk on the Road?

Naughty or Nice? Know Your Job Candidates' History with Background Screening

Background Screening Situations that will Make You SCREAM!

Use of Salary History by Employers in New York City and Oregon

5 Tips Employers Should Know About International Background Screening

Fingerprinting for Background Screening: What Employers Must Know

Results from Background Screening Survey Conducted for NAPBS

NYC to Ban Inquiries Regarding Applicant Salary History

D.C. Restricts Use of Credit Information in Employment Decisions

California Lawmakers Introduce Statewide Ban the Box Law

Hiring Technology Trends that HR Pros Must Understand 

California Employers Subject to New Requirements When Using Criminal History Information

Ninth Circuit Rules an Employer Willfully Violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act by Including Liability Waiver With the Disclosure Form

Worried About A Compliant Background Screening Process?

Why Should Employers Hire that Twenty-Something Millennial?

Healthcare Background Screening Just Got Easier, and More Thorough

Background Screening Basics: Tips HR Can Use to Detect A Fake Degree

Five Actions HR Should Take If Someone Doesn't Pass A Background Check

Five Ways Background Screening Boosts Your Bottom Line

"Instant" is Bad for Coffee AND Background Searches

Top Mistakes HR Makes In Screening Their Talent

What Employers Must Know About A Social Security Trace

Employer Hot Topics Businesses Must Know

Seeking Summer Volunteers? Don't Forgo Background Checks!

April Fool's Jokes Job Applicants Pull All Year Long

What Have Your Employees Been Up to Lately? Background Screening Tells You

Why HR Should Expect Better Background Screening Practices

Increase Your Hiring Mojo with these Background Check Pointers

Six Employer New Year's Resolutions to Rock 2016 Hiring

The 411 on AKA's and Other Background Screening Best Practices

Data Facts Talks Turkey About Background Screening

BOO! Scary Background Screening Scenarios for Halloween 2015

Holiday Hiring? Five Tips to Land the Best Seasonal Employees

Background Screening News: FCRA Class Action Suits On the Rise

Workplace Violence – Putting Employers on the Horns of a Dilemma

Run Employers RUN! 3 Questions Background Screeners Must Answer RIGHT

The ABC's of Avoiding Hiring Lawsuits with Background Screening

Background Screening: Who Is the Unseen Risk to Your Workplace?

Litigation Avoidance: Four Ways A Background Screening Policy Helps

Why Do Background Screening? Job Seekers Can Buy References for 100 Bucks

Background Screen Like A Ninja: Four Critical Points to Ponder

Healthcare License Verification and Monitoring Made Easy!

Four Best Practices to Make Healthcare Hiring A Success

Protect Your Organization from A Looming Healthcare Provider Shortage

4 Smart Ways to Combat Healthcare HR Growing Pains

Background Screening for New Employees: What It Is, and What It's Not

7 Steps For Designing A Successful Succession Plan

Successfully Managing Four Generations (Without Pulling Your Hair Out)

Baby Boomers Creating A Workforce Exodus. Are You Prepared?

Are Your Hiring Process Safeguards As Safe As You Think?

The Cost of a Bad Hire

5 Ways Background Screening Increases Your Bottom Line

Is Your Background Screening Process Doing What You Need?

Background Screening: Which Applicants Are Registered Sex Offenders?

How to Resolve Workplace Conflicts

Background Screening: The HOW Is Just As Important As The WHAT

Providing Private Database-Only Criminal Records

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Criminal Searches

Don't Get Stuck With A Bad Hire! Verify Your Applicants!

Post-Employment Screening: Why You Should Monitor Current Employees

The Best Way To Ensure You Hire Safe Drivers

Tips for Using Assessments Effectively

The Big Dogs: How to Screen Top Level New Hires

What Skeletons are YOUR Applicants Hiding?

Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

3 Steps For Reducing Effects Of Drug Abuse In The Workplace

The 4 Biggest Lies Found on Resumes

How To Increase Accountability In the Workplace

How Your Background Screening Vendor Can Make You Miss a Good Hire

Reduce Employee Turnover in 10 Steps

Onboarding Program Killers: 15 Common Errors to Avoid

Background Screening: Don't Choose a Vendor By Price Alone

5 Tips to Help Minimize Workplace Conflicts

5 Ways to Protect Your Company From Employee Theft

4 Ways Employers Can Reduce Workplace Violence

EEOC Guidance Criticized During House Panel Meeting

Pt 2: Best Practices for Preparing for 2014 HR Regulations

Best Practices For Preparing for 2014 HR Regulations

5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Screening Applicants' Backgrounds

Background Screening: Is Your Search Missing Dangerous Convictions?

3 Easy Ways to Reduce Background Screening Turnaround Times

6 HR Competencies That Matter Most

Background Screening News: Louisville Votes to 'Ban The Box'

Background Checks: What Employers Need to Know Pt 2

Background Checks: What Employers Need to Know, PT 1

Your Job Search and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Checking Criminal Records 101: How, Where, and When

How to Set Up A Successful Background Screening Policy

Best Practices for Responding to an EEOC Charge

Eek! I Missed WHAT?! Top 10 Background Screening Mistakes Pt 3

A HReal HRisk HR can help HReduce | BCP Business Center

Eek! I missed WHAT? Top 10 Background Screening Mistakes Pt 2

Eek! I missed WHAT? Top 10 Background Screening Mistakes

Add Minnesota to List of States Limiting Use of Criminal History

Is Your Background Screening Process Ready For 2014?

Is that Santa or a Sex Offender?

4 Steps to Prevent Hiring Mistakes

Data Facts Inc. CEO to Serve on Make-A-Wish Board of Trustees

Data Facts Talks Turkey About Your Background Screening Policy

Scary Background Screening Situations

How Does the Government Shutdown Affect HR?

A Great New Way To Save Money On A Background Check

Why Your Criminal Search May Be Missing Convictions

My Applicant Posted WHAT?! On Social Media? Pt 2

My Applicant Posted WHAT on Social Media?!

My Employee Did What?!

Colorado Prohibits Using Credit Checks for Employment Screening

Top Lies People Tell To Get Hired

Questions to Ask When Choosing A Background Screening Company

Pre-Employment Screening in 2013

Data Facts Awarded Prestigious Accreditation from NAPBS

Applicant References: Proceed With Caution!

North Carolina Enacting E-Verify Requirements Beginning October 1, 2012

The Do’s and Dont’s of Pre-Employment Screening

5 Steps to Effectively Screen Top Level Executives

The BIG business of Fraudulent Degrees

Employers: How to Re-invent Your Background Screening Policy

From Data Facts: Screening Summer Hires and Volunteers

Benefits of Hiring Older Workers

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